Q-SYS is a fully integrated, software-based audio, video & control platform that combines superior audio quality, robust command and control, and optimum cost efficiency, enabling you to create a venue that’s uniquely your own. From casinos, to restaurants, convention centers and more, Q-SYS provides a cost-effective strategy for setting up and controlling a multitude of themed zones and common areas. Our industry-leading portfolio of ceiling and surface loudspeakers are performance-matched to provide optimal quality while deploying unobtrusively in virtually scenario.

Software-based Architecture

The Q-SYS Platform leverages the power of Intel to deliver features and functionality at the software level, removing the need for cumbersome, single-purpose hardware found in traditional AV systems.

Training Made Easy

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Monitoring and Management

Evaluate the health of your venue’s entire AV system from a single pane of glass and provide remote helpdesk support.

Scale Without Hassle

Q-SYS is based around a singular software-based foundation that leverages the power of the network to make deploying the same room type across an installation simpler and more cost-effective. 

Solutions for Every Venue

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Successful Deployments

These are just a few of the venues that have elevated patron experience with the Q-SYS Platform.

Resorts World Las Vegas

Learn about the groundbraeking Resorts World Las Vegas installation, with four case studies centered around specific aspects of the build: luxury suites, event spaces, common areas and network architecture.

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Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s previous AV system consisted of disparate components that proved cumbersome and costly to support. To help solve this problem, the casino took a wholistic approach to their needs and enlisted Q-SYS for audio, video and control.

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McEnery Convention Center

Q-SYS delivers wide-area audio, paging and software-based control to McEnery Convention Center 

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Emily Resort

Emily Resort’s high standard for audio quality in outdoor experiences is achieved with Q-SYS.

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Video Case Study

Discover how Churchill Downs leveraged Q-SYS to revitalize over a million square feet of historic property, including a myriad of hospitality spaces. 

The Q-SYS Commercial AV Bundle Scaling License for Core Nano and Core 8 Flex is focused on expanding the resources
aimed at larger BGM and paging applications (where users may previously have required higher tier Core processors.)

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