Convention Center Case Study

Wide-Area AV&C: McEnery Convention Center

QSC Delivers Wide-Area Audio, Paging and Software-Based Control to McEnery Convention Center

  • Centralized Processing and Management: Q-SYS AV&C data was converged with McEnery’s current IT infrastructure, allowing for simpler AV/IT management and support.
  • Client Gear Integration: Q-SYS provides event vendors the flexibility to quickly integrate their own mixing consoles and PA with the convention center’s AV system with minimal effort.
  • Simplified User Interface: Intuitive user interfaces offer clients full control of audio routing, room combining and zone paging, accessible via wireless iOS devices.
  • Software-Based Control Expansion: Q-SYS software-based architecture will allow for system growth without additional control processing hardware, greatly decreasing expansion deployment costs.

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