MP-M Series Premium Business Music Mixers

Music and Paging Mixers

  • Hero front right-angled view of MP-M Mixer
  • Hero back view of MP-M Mixer
  • Hero front view of a double-gang in wall black and white MP-M Mixer Controller
  • Hero front view of a single-gang in wall black and white MP-M Mixer Controller
  • Hero view of a tablet and phone displaying MP-M Mixer controls

The QSC MP-M music and paging mixers are fixed architecture mixer/processors offering unprecedented capabilities combined with ease of configuration and operation. The products are intended for retail and hospitality applications in which high-quality audio from various sources is routed to multiple zones. Live mixing functions are also supported for applications requiring reinforcement of entertainment, presentations or conferences.

MP Install provides the system designer and installer an attractive graphic environment and intuitive workflow to configure and tune the system.

Helps the installer keep track of tasks and easily navigate the mixer.

Apply Intrinsic Correction™ (factory FIR/IIR presets) to QSC loudspeakers to maximize the performance and value of the system.

Controls are easily customized to give facility staff as much or as little control as is needed.

The available MP-MFC wired, wall-mounted controllers with graphic display control source selection, level and preset recall. Or control the system from smartphones and tablets using the MP Manage app.

MP-M Series mixers match the appearance aesthetic of the QSC MP-A Series music and paging amplifiers for an installation that looks as good as it sounds.

Front view of two in-wall MP-M Mixer controllers, in back and white

MP-MFC Controllers

The MP-MFC Controllers are intuitive wall mount controls to enable customizable system adjustments for the MP-M Series music and paging mixer.  They provide multi-zone source selection, scene selection and volume control. Designers can configure these peripherals to provide end users with as much or as little control over the system as needed. 

Tablet displaying MP-M Mixer controls

MP Install v.1.2

(Released March 2, 2020)

This app allows system designers and installers to quickly and easily design and configure systems for MP-M Series mixers. This wireless control features an intuitive Workflow Wizard to navigate through room tuning and speed commissioning.

Tablet Versions:

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Download MP Install with your QSC login (You may need to create a QSC login. If you’ve taken classes on  the QSC Training site, you should use that login!).

If you haven’t already done so, you will be prompted to login when you click “Download MP Install”.

Hand holding a smartphone displaying MPP-M Mixer controls

MP Manage v.1.2

(Released March 2, 2020)

For wireless control, the MP Manage provides end users day-to-day operation of basic system functions including zone level, source selection, scene recall, scheduling, and mixer control. It also offer a unique store-and-forward zone paging functionality to the MP-M Series mixer.

Smartphone Version:

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v1.2 Software Updates

These updates apply to MP-M Series Firmware v1.2 and MP Install v1.2 and MP Manage v1.2 (for Windows, iOS, and Android).


  • Input Control from MP-MFC: Input gains can now be controlled from the MP-MFC wall-mounted controller in single zone mode.
  • “Scenes Only” mode for MP-MFC: Wall-mounted controller can now be dedicated to scene recall only, simplifying the control experience.
  • Custom Venue/Client Logos: Add your client’s logo to the main landing screen for the MP Manage app.
  • AD-P.HALO Loudspeaker Preset: Optimize your sound with official factory tunings for the new AcousticDesign Series AD-P.HALO integrated SUB/SAT pendant loudspeaker system (along with the rest of the QSC loudspeakers).
  • User Interface Improvements: All parameters in the input and output overview tabs can now be adjusted directly.

Read the official release notes for the features and enhancements.

MP-M Series Firmware v1.2

Released August, 2021


  MP-M40 MP-M80
Total 8 16
Mic/Line 4 (Euroblock) 8 (Euroblock)
RCA 4 (mono-summed RCA pairs) 8 (mono-summed RCA pairs)
Total 6 10
Line 4 (Euroblock, balanced) 8 (Euroblock, balanced)
Music on Hold 1 (Euroblock, transformer balanced) 1 (Euroblock, transformer balanced)
Cue (phones) 1 (3.5 mm, stereo) 1 (3.5 mm, stereo)
Dimensions (H×W×D) 45 × 483 × 356 mm
1.75 × 19 × 14 in
Net Weight 3.2 kg / 7 lb
  Details Details

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Controls Three buttons (increment, decrement, and select)
Display 128 × 128 pixels, 27 (L) × 26 (W) mm viewing area
Available Colors Black, white
Connection Max Per MFC port: Daisy chain up to 4 MP-MPC controllers, with a 250 m maximum cable length
Total: Up to 8 controllers per MP-M Series mixer
Dimensions (H×W×D)
North American versions
114 × 70 × 35 mm
4.5 × 2.75 × 1.4 in
Dimensions (H×W×D)
European versions
89 × 89 × 36 mm
3.5 × 3.5 × 1.4 in