Q-SYS is a fully integrated, software-based audio, video & control platform that enables applications across campus. From small classrooms and hybrid learning environments to sprawling lecture halls and performance venues, Q-SYS delivers an intuitive experience for students and staff alike.


Software-based Architecture

The Q-SYS Platform leverages the power of Intel to deliver features and
functionality at the software level, removing the need for cumbersome,
single-purpose hardware found in traditional AV systems.

Training Made Easy

Only one software platform to learn, regardless of your system size, combined with fun (and free), award-winning, live and on-demand training. Learn More

Flexible Processing Topology

Centralize AV&C processing for multiple spaces or deploy standalone AV systems in mission-critical spaces.

Monitoring and Management

Evaluate the health of your campus’ entire AV system room from a single pane of glass and provide remote helpdesk support.

Command the Experience

Provide instructors and volunteers with intuitive room and environmental control, thanks to Q-SYS full featured control engine.

Design for your Learning Environment

Right-size your AV system based on room size, technology needs or budget.

Universal Platform Support

Q-SYS is certified for use with major communications platforms and integrates with any web conferencing application via single, driverless USB.

Successful Deployments

These are just a few universities that have elevated the campus audio, video and control experience with Q-SYS.

University of Florida:

University of Florida revamps their 20,000 square foot Grand Ballroom audio with the support of Q-SYS.

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Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech spearheads a campus-wide standardization centered around Q-SYS control.

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Bentley University:

Bentley University chose Q-SYS to scale hybrid learning environment to all of their classrooms on campus

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University of Central Oklahoma:

University of Central Oklahoma continues a legacy of innovation with Q-SYS.  

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University of Southern Queensland:

The University of Southern Queensland leverages Q-SYS to achieve integrated control across multiple campuses.

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Video Case Study

Indiana University standardizes on Q-SYS for classrooms, auditoriums, divisible rooms, as well as the paging system for the stadium, ensuring exceptional learning experiences and streamlined classroom deployments.

This program is currently only available in the United States.

This unique incentive and support program extends our commitment to colleges and universities beyond our innovative hardware and software solutions. We aim to reward your school’s continued trust in Q-SYS with the right mixture of:

    Product Incentives

  • Five year warranty for Q-SYS purchases
  • Volume pricing for Enterprise Manager
  • Proof-of-Concept Testing

     Support Pathways

  • Self-help portal & tech support
  • Discounted professional services
  • Basic design assistance

  Training Design & Insight

  • Private training opportunities for Higher Ed AV
  • Design templates and assistance
  • Access to industry events

Solutions for Every Learning Scenario

Choose a location or application to learn more

Distance Learning Connectivity

Connect your class to your platform of choice! Q-SYS integrates any modern soft conferencing application, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams, via single, driverless USB. Learn More

Video Streaming & Collaboration

Transport HDMI video and audio from PCs and document cameras to LED displays, projectors, and confidence monitors around the room without additional HDMI extenders, control processors, bridges or complicated programming. Learn More

In-Classroom Voice Reinforcement

Lectures and presentations will be crystal clear, thanks to room optimization tools, EQ and processing, along with our broad portfolio of Q-SYS installed loudspeakers and custom loudspeaker presets.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Monitor all of your campus’ AV systems from a simple web browser
and gain actionable insights for your support team. Learn More | Watch Demo

Simple Zoom Integration

Let Zoom help enage students, faculty, and staff for learning, collaboration, and administration. Single, driverless USB connectivity integrates Q-SYS audio and conference camera feeds into Zoom. Learn More

Certified for Microsoft Teams

Q-SYS offers the widest portfolio of Microsoft Teams-certified Room System Accessories, allowing you to easily connect your class with remote students via Microsoft Teams.

Classroom Confidence & Predictability

Rest easy, instructors! Your learning spaces can automatically return to a default state at the start of every class, from lighting presets, camera, HVAC settings and audio levels.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Q-SYS features intuitive, software-based room combining that enables flexible room layouts for any event type.

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