Q-SYS Network I/O Expander

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The Q-SYS QIO-S4 expands your Q-SYS system’s capabilities to enable streamlined interoperability with non-networked control devices via Serial connectivity. By separating local I/O from processing hardware, the QIO Series offer modular and easily scalable network I/O to support your desired topology.

Features & Benefits

  • Native network Serial connectivity solution for Q-SYS
  • Four (4) bi-directional RS232 serial ports
  • One port includes RS422 and RS485 compatibility
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable
  • Daisy-chain up to four QIO expanders on a single network run (with local daisy-chained DC power)
  • Simple drag-and-drop integration and comprehensive management via Q-SYS Designer Software and Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager
  • Surface- or rack-mountable (1RU, quarter width)
  • Includes surface mounting hardware
  • Network Serial connectivity where you need it
    The QIO-S4 allows you to provide your Q-SYS system with greater flexibility to deploy Serial control connectivity where it’s most convenient. The QIO-S4 features four (4) bi-directional RS232 serial ports (including one port with RS422 and RS485 compatibility, enabling Q-SYS control over lighting systems, video displays, conference systems and more. Additionally, each of the QIO Series I/O expanders features a compact form factor that can be rack- or surface-mounted.
  • Expanded I/O customization
    QIO Series is intended to present a simpler way to add network I/O connectivity to Q-SYS systems, decoupling the physical location of the I/O from processing hardware to support distributed or centralized processing architectures. Additionally, QIO Series lets you customize your I/O configuration, and compliments the strengths of newer Q-SYS Core models that were designed with fewer onboard I/O options (Core Nano, Core 8 Flex, or NV-32-H (Core Capable)). 
  • Simplicity & scalability
    Daisy-chain up to four of the QIO Series devices on a single network run (with local daisy-chained DC power) to consume fewer network ports, avoid rack clutter, and allow for quicker future expansion without pulling additional network cables. Alternatively, QIO Series are also PoE-capable, providing simple single cable connectivity (when devices aren’t daisy-chained).
  • Designed for Q-SYS
    The QIO Series deliver native network I/O customization to Q-SYS, a cloud-manageable audio, video and control platform, built to deliver scalable, flexible AV solutions into the future.  Learn more about Q-SYS.

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Specificiations QIO-S4
Serial Ports
RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422 One (1) port, configurable protocol, baud rate, and flow control
RS-232 Three (3) port, configurable protocol, baud rate, and flow control
Other Connectors
External power supply 24 VDC nominal, 2.5 A on Euro connector with second connector for daisy-chaining (QIO-PSU power supply sold separately)
LAN (PoE) Gigabit LAN connection for Q-LAN, PoE
PoE specification Conforms to IEEE 802.3af Type 1
LAN (Thru) Ethernet daisy-chaining
Dimensions 5.5 x 4.25 x 1.59 in (139.7 x 108 x 40.4 mm)
Weight 1.18 lb (0.54 kg)
Mounting options Surface- and wall-mountable (hardware included) Rack-mountable; 1RU, quarter-rack width (QIO-RMK rack kit sold separately)
Ambient operating temperature range 0°C to +50°C
Humidity 0%-85% through 30°C non-condensing
Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C
Compliance FCC 47 CFR Part 15, IC ICES-003, CE (EN55032, EN55035), EU RoHS directive 2011/65/EU, WEEE directive 2012/19/EU, China RoHS directive GB/T26572, EAC, UL, C-UL, NOM-019


All specifications are subject to change without notice.