Integrated Systems for the entire Cinema Complex





As the world’s only major manufacturer of complete cinema solutions, QSC designs and builds processing, amplification, and loudspeaker products with the total system in mind. Because our systems are more than a grab bag of discrete parts, we’re able to think through every detail of how components can and should work together. We call this "SystemSynergy". The result is a complete system optimized for performance in any room, on any budget, and an unprecedented level of built-in integration under a single brand name: QSC. Our complete systems save setup time and cost, maximize user control, and deliver the best possible audio experience.

A Single Vendor

Buying a complete solution from QSC also eliminates the common headaches of dealing with multiple vendors. All elements arrive on site in a single shipment rather than piecemeal. And there’s no question about who takes responsibility for the overall system.

Finally, as a provider of complete cinema solutions, QSC designs and tests processors, amps, and loudspeakers the way they are used in the real world: together. By building products with a view toward full systems for a given size and type of room, we take the guesswork out of configuring all the diverse auditoriums you might have in your theater or chain. That gives you the confidence that the audio experience for every show on every screen in every house will delight your audiences and enhance your bottom line.