NV Series

Q-SYS Network Video Endpoints

Q-SYS NV Series network video endpoints are multipurpose, software-configurable devices native to the Q-SYS platform enabling high-quality, low-latency video distribution. The NV Series are flexible and scalable, allowing you to tailor your system components to the project requirements, placing the correct type and quantity of video I/O where it’s needed most. Q-SYS. NV Series endpoints easily convert Q-SYS network camera and audio feeds into your preferred collaboration application through a single, driverless, plug-and-play USB connection. As native Q-SYS Products, the NV Series is driven by the Q-SYS OS and seamlessly integrates into any Q-SYS system, enabling no-code audio routing, video source selection and device configuration.

Image Text: Q-SYS NV Series
Back of an NV-21-HU and a NV-32-H

Flexible and Scalable

The Q-SYS NV Series offers multiple models allowing designers to tailor and right-size their system based on connectivity type, I/O density, supported or license features and physical footprint.

Image of triangle with three sections: quality, bandwidth, latency

Q-SYS Shift

NV Series enables visually lossless low-latency distribution of digital video formats up to 4K60 4:4:4 through Q-SYS Shift™. Q-SYS Shift™ is optimized to intelligently manage and optimize the network bitrate by only refreshing changes within each frame, allowing for significantly reduced bandwidth usage compared to other codecs without sacrificing quality or latency.

Diagram of a/v bridging. Showing two laptops each connected to NV series hardware

AV Bridging

NV Series allows you to place USB connectivity where you need it most while eliminating the installation and maintenance hassles associated with conversion, switching and extension technologies required to deploy USB conferencing systems.

An array of Q-SYS hardware and peripheras, including Microphones, Cameras, software, and in-rack hawrware

Designed for Q-SYS

NV Series enable native video and audio distribution without additional management and control hardware. Driven by the Q-SYS OS, NV Series devices integrate seamlessly into Q-SYS systems creating frictionless, no-code deployments.

Audio, Video, Control. One OS.

Q-SYS NV Series endpoints join a host of other Q-SYS products to provide a complete end-to-end solution tailored for the needs for your spaces.

Diagram and line drawing of a Boardroom featuring Q-SYS hardware and peripherals

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  NV-32-H NV-21-HU
HDMI Inputs 3 1
USB-C Inputs 0 1
HDMI Outputs 2 1
HDCP 1.4 & 2.2 1.4 & 2.3
HDMI output scaler Yes Yes
AV Bridging Yes - Included Yes - Licensed Feature
USB HID Routing Yes Yes
USB Device Charging No Yes[1]
RS-232 1 1
GPIO 2 input
3 output
HDMI Output CEC Yes Yes
3.5 mm Audio Input Yes - 2 channels No
3.5 mmAudio Output Yes - 2 channels No
PoE Requirements PoE Type 4, Class 8 PoE Type 3, Class 5
Supports Q-SYS Core Mode Yes No
Stream multiple content sources simultaneously Yes No
Aux Power 48 V DC 1.5 A 12 V DC 9 A
Aux Power Supply Included No No
Aux Power Supply Accessory No Yes - NV-21-PSU
  Details Details

[1] An external power supply is required for any device charging over the USB-C connection.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.