Column Surface-Mount Loudspeaker

Hero angled front view of two AD-S802T loudspeakers in black and white

The all-new AcousticDesign™ Series AD-S802T is a 8-driver column surface-mount loudspeaker. This premium full range system is capable of 70V/100V or 8 ohm bypass loads, making it ideal for a wide variety of foreground and background applications with acoustically-challenged environments. Equipped with a unique pan/tilt mounting system, the column surface-mount loudspeakers offer multiple positioning locations allowing the loudspeaker to remain close to the wall while delivering up to -20° downward tilt.

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  • Deliberately unobtrusive industrial design.
  • Available in white (RAL 9010) or black (RAL 9011).
  • Paintable enclosure and grill.
  • Complete EASE, CLF, CAD & BIM information.
  • Rugged aluminum construction.
  • UV Inhibitors in all white models.
  • IP-54 rating for dust and splash resistance.
  • Powder-coated grills and weather-treated cones.
  • Close to wall pan/tilt bracket included.
  • Low saturation 70/100V transformers.
  • 8 ohm low impedance bypass.
  • Screw-down Euro block connector with loop-through.
  • Sealable input weather cup – keeps moisture away from wiring.

System Details



(x8) 2.75 in (69.8 mm) weather treated paper cone woofer

Effective frequency range 1, 2, 3, 8

90 Hz – 17 kHz

Rated noise power / voltage 6

120 watts / 31 volts (rms)

Sensitivity [dB]

Rated @1W, 1m 2, 3, 4, 8 : 87
EN54-24 @1W, 4m 9 : TBD

Coverage (‐6 dB) [°]
Horizontal x Vertical 9

Rated 2, 5, 8 : 160 x 20
500Hz: 180 x 90,    1kHz: 180 x 35
   2kHz: 160 x 22,    4kHz: 180 x 20

Declared values of SPL, 1/3rd
octave band CPB, 1W, 4m,
EN54-24 eq applied [Hz : dB] 9

 500: TBD;   630: TBD;  800: TBD; 1000: TBD
1250: TBD; 1600: TBD; 2000: TBD; 2500: TBD
3150: TBD; 4000: TBD

Directivity factor 2, 5, 8


Directivity index [dB] 2, 5, 8


Maximum SPL [dB]

Rated, 1m (continuous / peak) 7 : 108 / 114

EN54-24, 4m (low-Z / Highest-tap) 9 : TBD / TBD

Recommended amplifier

120 watts

Transformer taps / impedance

Bypass: 8Ω
7.5W (70V); 15W (100V) Tap: 666Ω
15W (70V);  30W (100V) Tap: 333Ω
30W (70V);  60W (100V) Tap: 167Ω
60W (70V);   N/A (100V) Tap: 83Ω

Input connector type

Euroblock connector with parallel output

Enclosure material

Powder coated aluminum

Grille material

Powder coated aluminum

Ingress protection


Operating environment

Designed for indoor or outdoor use

Operating temperature range

-4 to 122° F (-20 to 50° C)

Net weight

13.7 lb (6.2 kg)

Product dimensions (H x W x D)

23.4 x 5.2 x 5-inch
(595 x 131 x 126 mm)

Shipping Weight

19.4 lb (8.8 kg)

Shipping Dimensions (H x W x D)

12.3 x 9.9 x 32.4-inch
(312 x 251 x 823 mm)

Included accessories

Sealed input cover plate with gland nut
Quick Hang Pan/Tilt wall bracket
Shoulder eyebolt safety tether anchor

Safety Agency

EN54-24: 2008 type B, (pending)
Transformer UL registered per UL1876, ROHS, CE compliant

1 -10dB from rated sensitivity
2 Full-space, 4m
3 Reference axis
4 200 - 10kHz average
5 1k - 10kHz average
6 IEC, 2hrs
7 Calculated from rated noise power and sensitivity
8 Reference plane is the plane coincident with the loudspeaker baffle plane. Reference axis is the axis perpendicular to the reference plane and passing through the center of the baffle. Vertical plane is the plane intersecting the reference plane at a right angle, including the reference axis and the taps selector knob. Horizontal plane is the plane intersecting the reference plane and the vertical plane at a right angle, including the reference axis.
9 Per EN54-24

All specifications are subject to change without notice.