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Q-SYS and Audio-Technica have partnered to deliver certified solutions for high-impact meeting spaces from boardrooms to lecture halls. With the power and flexibility of the Q-SYS Platform, it is simple to integrate with any collaboration platform and scale the familiar user experience. Additionally, Q-SYS Control plugins enable quick integration of the Audio-Technica ATND1061DAN ceiling array microphone into your Q-SYS designs. 

Q-SYS + Audio-Technica Deliver Certified Solutions to
High-Impact Spaces

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Introducing Q-SYS Room Systems certified for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom Rooms. Each Q-SYS Room System features the Audio-Technica ATND1061DAN ceiling array as the microphone solution, and helps Q-SYS extend the familiar user experience into high-impact spaces like divisible rooms, training rooms, executive boardrooms, and all hands spaces.

Q-SYS + Google Meet

As part of the Q-SYS Ecosystem, these Audio-Technica products have fully vetted and endorsed technology plugins to integrate into your Q-SYS design.

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ATND1061DAN beamforming ceiling array microphone

  • Delivers clear voice amplification, even with multiple talkers via digital Dante™ audio outputs
  • Q-SYS control plugin enables connection to and control including the ability to mute individual channels or several channels at once, load presets stored in the main unit, and monitor connection status from a Q-SYS network touch screen controller 

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ES954 hanging microphone array

  • Intended primarily for videoconferencing applications, the ES954 microphone array may be used individually or in multiples to capture every person speaking in a room 
  • Q-SYS control plugin simplifies the user experience by allowing for steering control of the microphone array on a native Q-SYS touch screen controller

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Engineered Sound Wireless

  • Optimized for voice applications in meeting rooms, presentation halls, classrooms, and other installed audio conferencing environments, the system utilizes DECT technology to provide high channel counts with high-quality audio in a simple, smart, and scalable manner 
  • Q-SYS control plugin enables connection and control of the Audio-Technica Engineered Sound® Wireless system including the ability to mute individual or all channels, load presets, and monitor RF and charging parameters from a Q-SYS network touchscreen controller 

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Group shot of Audio-Technica Dante Microphones
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Dante Microphones

  • Q-SYS control plugin simplifies control for the Audio-Technica ATND971a, ATND8677a, and ATND8734a network boundary microphone, desk stand, and ceiling module
  • A perfect fit for boardrooms and other meeting spaces, the network microphones feature simple, inexpensive Ethernet connectivity and outstanding sound quality. A simple Ethernet connection allows the Network Microphone to communicate across an existing network of Dante-enabled devices.

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Case Study

Learn how a hospital in Michigan leveraged Q-SYS and Audio-Technica to create a state-of-the-art system that integrates multiple rooms, provides presenters with freedom of mobility, and captures speakers' voices in a high-impact space.

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