WideLine 10 Series

hero view of a WideLine 10 Series speaker Array

The WideLine-10 (model WL2102-w) is a full range line array loudspeaker system designed for use in a wide variety of venues, ranging from ballrooms, theaters and nightclubs to concert halls, houses of worship and arenas. The WideLine-10 features an open, natural sound quality and exceptionally wide 140° horizontal coverage pattern—the widest of any line array system currently available. For installations, the WL2102-w is also available in white.


WideLine-10 is a three transducer system and can be operated in either biamplified or triamplified modes. Both 10" diameter low frequency transducers are used to cover the lowest frequency range. One driver covers only low frequencies while the range of the other extends through the mid frequencies to the mid/high crossover point. The use of a single midrange transducer allows the horizontal coverage pattern to remain as wide as possible and assures smooth response both on and off axis at the transition to the diffraction slot loaded high frequency section. Biamplification uses passive elements to affect the required frequency response shading of the low-frequency drivers and offers reduced amplifier channel counts and simplified wiring. Triamplification allows the required low-frequency shading to be controlled with greater precision via active electronics and is recommended where maximum output and highest sound quality are required.

The WideLine-10’s 16 ohm per transducer low-frequency impedance optimizes allocation of amplifier channels. In biamp mode the LF/ MF sections of up to four enclosures can be powered by one amplifier channel operating into a two ohm load. In triamp mode the LF and MF sections of up to eight enclosures can be powered by a single two channel amplifier.  The high-frequency section consists of a 1.4" exit, 3" voicecoil, 16 ohm, neodymium compression driver, mounted on a proprietary multiple aperture diffraction slot waveguide. This patented waveguide produces the ideal linear source needed for good line array performance, and facilitates the enclosure’s exceptionally wide horizontal coverage.

WideLine-10 features a unique 3-point suspension system allowing construction of arrays of up to 24 enclosures (5:1 design factor). A 12 enclosure hang will maintain a 10:1 design factor which may be dictated by local regulations and practices. Vertical splay angles between adjacent enclosures are adjustable in one degree increments from zero to ten degrees. All hardware required to construct an array is permanently attached to the enclosure; there are no loose parts to misplace. The AF2102 can accommodate array sizes up 12 enclosures while maintaining a design factor of 10:1. 

Modern line arrays rely on digital signal processing to perform their best. Intrinsic Correction is far more than just signal processing. It is also a process that begins by taking extensive laboratory measurements of the loudspeaker and then spatially averaging those measurements using a proprietary algorithm.  Once the spatially averaged response of the loudspeaker is determined, a combination of IIR and FIR filters is applied to adjust the time, frequency and amplitude response to a maximally flat band-pass target. The result is that signal processing adjustment is no longer a task requiring complicated test gear, prolonged measurements and golden-eared experts. These presets are available via Q-SYS.



Model WL2102w
Speaker  Dual 10" + comp. driver, biamp/triamp
Power Continuous/Program/RMS Voltage HF 80 W / 300 W / 36 V
LF (bi) 600 W / 1400 W / 69 V 
LF, MF (tri) 400 W / 700 W / 80 V 
Impedance HF: 16 Ω
LF biamp: 8 Ω
LF, MF triamp: 16 Ω
Peak SPL 133 dB
Input Connectors 2 x NL8
Dimensions (HWD) inches 10.75 × 27.5 × 20.25
Dimensions (HWD) mm 273 × 698.5 × 514
Net Weight 83 lb / 37.7 kg

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Model GP218-sw
Speaker Dual 18"
Power Continuous/Program/RMS Voltage 1700 W / 6800 W / 82 V 
Impedance 4 Ω
Peak SPL 140.5 dB
Input Connectors 2 x NL4
Dimensions (HWD) inches 20 x 47.17 x 30
Dimensions (HWD) mm 508 x 1198 x 762
Net Weight 191 lb / 86.6 kg 

All specifications are subject to change without notice.