Q-SYS India Experience Center

The Q-SYS India Experience Center is the new hub for the SAARC region with sales and marketing, training, support, logistics, operations, as well as software development. 


Training Room

The 16-seat classroom style training room provides hands-on sessions led by experts, enabling a deeper understanding of the Platform's features in real-world applications. In addition, this space is fully equipped to demonstrate multi-camera demos of the Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR) plugin.  

Students can take renowned Q-SYS Training course including: 

Eternia Conference Room

In this 14-person conference room, visitors can experience a seamless hybrid environment as we showcase Q-SYS enabled multicamera switching (using ACPR plugin) plus new Auto Framing capabilities to keep presenters in frame, further enhancing meeting equity. Visitors can also see how to enable BYOD scenarios with the versatility of the NV-21-HU network video endpoint. Plus, experience complete room automation – from lights, climate control to the camera’s input section – everything is managed from the Q-SYS touch screen with just one click.

Small Meeting Rooms

The experience center includes multiple small meeting rooms equipped with Microsoft
Teams Rooms. You can you see how Q-SYS can enhance a Teams Rooms environment
with “second page” control automation, but also Room Scheduling and BYOD scenarios. 

To schedule a visit of the India Experience Center, contact your Q-SYS sales representative today!

Phone: +91 9880638703
Email[email protected]