QSC and WyreStorm Announce Software Partnership for Easy Integration Between the Q-SYS Platform and NetworkHD Products

ALBANY, NY – 27th July 2017 – [De, FrEs] - QSC, LLC and WyreStorm, a leading specialist in AV signal management and control over IP, HDBaseT and HDMI, have announced integration between the QSC Q-SYS™ Platform and WyreStorm’s award-winning NetworkHD™ AV over IP solutions.

This technical partnership enables two distinct technologies to seamlessly integrate WyreStorm Video over IP distribution with the Q-SYS Platform.

First, the Q-SYS Media Stream Receiver software component within Q-SYS Designer Software has been updated to allow for simple connection to the audio stream generated by any NetworkHD 100 and 200 Series AV over IP encoder. This allows Q-SYS to ingest the audio content presented to the encoder by its HDMI source device, and then process and route to any destination on the network.

Second, QSC will release plugins for the NetworkHD Series to allow for simple source switching, control and monitoring directly from the Q-SYS Platform and Q-SYS touch screen controllers.

Both WyreStorm and QSC technology platforms utilize an open, IT-aligned software architecture that enables powerful, reliable and incredibly simple integration. James Meredith, WyreStorm’s NetworkHD and Control Product Manager, states: “Open standards for NetworkHD signal encoding and distribution over the network enabled engineers to produce proof-of-concept audio integration between WyreStorm and Q-SYS in a matter of hours. This allows them to focus far more on the integrator experience and ease of configuration, which will save them time and money whilst stepping up the quality and capability of their systems. Delivering an end result for the customer that will surpass their expectations.”

Mike Brandes, Product Manager of Installed Systems, QSC, commented: “We are very excited to partner with WyreStorm and provide designers with a solution which easily integrates WyreStorm AV over IP solutions into a Q-SYS design. Together we are offering the industry a best-in-class solution for flexible and scalable audio routing and control in any AV system design.”

The ability to integrate WyreStorm NetworkHD Series audio streams with Q-SYS Media Stream Receiver is available in Q-SYS Designer Software v6.0 and higher.

QSC Q-SYS Designer Software can be downloaded at www.qsc.com/qsd

More information on WyreStorm Signal Distribution and Control Solutions can be found at www.wyrestorm.com

For more information on the QSC and WyreStorm partnership, please visit: www.qsc.com/wyrestorm/

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