Q-Sys™ Takes Off at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport

QSC’s Networking System to Accompany the Airport’s Expansion into the Future

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (May 6, 2011) – Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL) is undergoing extensive physical and technological renovations, including the addition of new buildings and more planned for the future -- all networking together via QSC’s Q-Sys integrated platform.

The first part of FLL’s new evolution was the reintegration of networking systems in Terminal Four. Realizing that their existing networking system had a limited ability to meet the facility’s advancing needs, the airport facility managers consulted with Rod Sintow, CEO of Pro Sound Video, on the kind of system that would serve them best now and into the future. The key considerations were budget, quality, reliability, a system which is energy-efficient, UL rated, and most of all -- the capacity to expand with the planned upgrades of other terminals in years to come.

“I recommended Q-Sys to the airport managers because the technology is cutting edge,” says Sintow. “The choice was clear when they realized that installing Q-Sys would only cost 20% more than repairing the old system. And Q-Sys is a highly expandable network that will grow with them into the future.”

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Airport’s electronics are housed in rooms in the security center within the massive parking structure; and keeping the equipment cool and energy-efficient is no longer a challenge. The Q-Sys Core 3000 is now located there, as well as a steady supply of new QSC CX204 amplifiers which are added every month as the expansion continues. Another important benefit for FLL airport now and for future is the smaller environmental footprint and energy-efficiency that QSC is able to offer them.

“As we are able to fit many more QSC CX204 amps in the same space that was being used before, we reduced racks and the footprint of the space by almost 70%,” Sintow continues. “The system doesn’t run as hot as the former system and requires less air-conditioning, so it’s more energy efficient,” explains Sintow. “And most of all, it clearly sounds better.”

The Q-Sys system is currently running 23 Page Stations in Terminal 4. FLL Airport will continue to expand this terminal, adding more runways and gates, which will continually be connected to the Q-Sys network as new concourses are constructed. Over the next several years, this platform will also be the foundation for the future technical advancements of all the other terminals.

“Q-Sys is the new century’s version of the old system, with a lot more power, capability, expandability and far less hardware,” adds Sintow. “When you add it all up, Q-Sys knocked everything else off the charts.”

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