Q-Sys™ Takes Control of the A/V Systems at the Recently Renovated Temple Israel in Southern California

Major A/V Upgrade at Temple Includes Q-Sys Core 500i, AcousticDesign Ceiling Speakers and CX Amplifiers

Long Beach, CA (June 11, 2013) — Apex Audio, a professional audio design and supply company based in Huntington Beach, CA, recently completed an AV system installation at Temple Israel here,  that features audio processing and distribution as well as control of the video and lighting equipment with QSC Audio Q-Sys Core 500i DSP and routing system. The AV project—part of a year-long $5.8 million renovation and reconfiguration of the 25,300-sq.-ft. Reform synagogue—also includes the installation of AcousticDesign AD-C820 and AD-C152T ceiling speakers driven by CX Series two-channel amplifiers, which additionally power the main sanctuary’s soffit-mounted main PA speakers and monitors.

“Temple Israel wanted a system that had one touch panel to control all of their audio and video equipment. Q-Sys has given them that, the system has all the features that they wanted to control all of the audio, video and lighting,” says Jeff Dykhouse of Apex Audio.

The Q-Sys Core 500i and two I/O Frames are fitted with a selection of I/O cards, including one standard and eight high-performance four-channel input cards, three analog output cards and four DataPort cards. Inputs to Q-Sys include Countryman and Earthworks wired microphones and Sennheiser G3 wireless mics in the sanctuary and social hall from a splitter that also feeds a digital console for special events including musical performances.

In addition to its comprehensive audio functionality, Q-Sys provides Temple Israel with control of projection, display and lighting equipment in both the main sanctuary and the adjacent social hall. “Both rooms have their own projectors and lighting systems. Q-Sys controls projector on/off, screen up/down, and a Kramer video switcher in each room, as well as Sharp TVs that turn on and off, via RS232, in the overflow room,” explains Dykhouse, who also configured the QSC system to provide room combining between the social hall and sanctuary. The Q-Sys system additionally controls AC power to the two equipment racks associated with the sanctuary and social hall.

QSC touch panels control the volume and source selection in various rooms throughout the synagogue: TS3 panels are located in the social hall and Alban Hall, with a TS8 in the sanctuary. “The control panels are extremely user-friendly. A member of  staff, can walk up to the screen, touch it, enter a password to unlock the screen, turn the system on and recall a preset all from one screen without having to get into any more detail,” he says.

“Temple Israel also makes use of the iPad App to control the Q-Sys system – so they have the freedom to roam around with it. They can remotely turn the whole system on and off; turn on the overflow spaces; mute the lobby music when the service starts or switch the source from background music to whatever is going on in the sanctuary, adds Dykhouse. “For their grand opening service they had live music and used a variety of speakers. I mixed the entire thing sitting in a seat in the audience with my iPad running the Q-Sys App.”

Since the synagogue does not have a dedicated sound person, Dykhouse continues, he set the system up to be easily operated by anyone. “One thing that the Q-Sys system allows you to do is save snapshots of every single parameter or a subset of parameters. I mixed the first couple of events and saved snapshots for them so they have a starting point.” Should the lineup of the band or the format of the services change, they have the ability to save additional presets, he notes.

Three CX602V 70-volt amplifiers power 10 AD-C821S high-output, two-way ceiling speakers in the social hall and 16 AD-C152T two-way ceiling speakers in the Alban Hall, lobby and cry room. Two CX1102 amplifiers provide power to the main Fulcrum Acoustic sound reinforcement cabinets in the sanctuary, with two CX902 amps driving a pair of Fulcrum monitors.

“The Fulcrum rep went out of his way to write Q-Sys specific FIR filter presets for the main sanctuary loudspeakers,” adds Jeff Suchy at Apex Audio . “And it’s pretty impressive that Q-Sys can take advantage of FIR presets- since this is normally a function only offered in high end speaker processors. “

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