Q-SYS AV&C Ecosystem Hits the Jackpot at Thunder Valley Casino

Located just outside of Sacramento, California, Thunder Valley Casino Resort offers 250,000 ft² of gaming space, 14 restaurants and bars, a luxury 17-story hotel, an expansive outdoor pool and bar, and a 5,500 seat outdoor amphitheater. The casino’s previous AV system consisted of disparate components that proved cumbersome and costly to support. To help solve this problem, the casino took a holistic approach to their needs and enlisted the Q-SYS Audio, Video and Control Ecosystem by QSC.

Redundant Q-SYS Enterprise Core 5200 processors handle the AV&C throughout the venue. These Cores allowed the Casino to centralize all of their AV&C data processing in one location, while distributing network-based endpoints where needed. “Reducing the number of boxes on the network was critical for this upgrade,” explained Darren Scott, Audio Video Manager at Thunder Valley Casino Resort. “With Q-SYS, we didn’t need to deploy separate control processors or separate video processors. Combining all of the processing, routing and control for over 100 network audio channel and dozens of native Q-SYS amplifiers, touch screens and third-party peripherals into a single piece of processing hardware significantly reduces cost and complexity. And as large as the project is, we are only using about half of the available network channel capacity and only a fraction of our control processing capabilities, leaving plenty of headroom to continue scaling the system in the future.”

QSC CXD-Q Series network amplifiers provide the power for QSC AcousticDesign Series ceiling-mount loudspeakers throughout the casino. These native Q-SYS network amplifiers allow for full control and monitoring via Q-SYS touch screen controllers.

Thunder Valley took full advantage of the software-based features offered by Q-SYS. Paired alongside ambient sensing microphones, the Continuous Ambient Compensator component, within Q-SYS, measures ambient noise throughout the casino floor and automatically adjusts audio levels based on occupancy. This ensures comfortable audio levels at all times and removes the need for manual volume adjustments. Additionally, Q-SYS paging capabilities enable both live and pre-scheduled announcements. When an announcement plays, the volume of the background music automatically ducks so that the message is heard clearly.

“We were really impressed by Q-SYS control capabilities,” said Darren Scott. “The tools available made it incredibly simple to deploy unique user experiences throughout the casino.” Q-SYS UCI Editor feature license enables drag-and-drop control programming, which allowed the team to build UCI’s specific to different locations without typing a line of code. For example, bartenders have specified zone control over TV channel, volume and source along with background music, while the executive management team can control their personal TV (channel and volume) in each of their offices.

The Q-SYS Scripting Engine feature license gave the team access to a library of pre-built, third-party control plugins that enabled seamless integration of Attero Tech Bluetooth audio interfaces into Q-SYS. This allows guests in the spa to connect their mobile devices in the treatment room and adjust audio via Q-SYS touch screen controllers.

Standardizing on a single-vendor AV&C solution brings on a number of benefits. Unlike with the previous system, integrators took full advantage of native Q-SYS devices, removing the need to program as much interconnection between devices, which resulted in expedited design and deployment. Further, it streamlines management and support of the AV system over time. “Q-SYS is a truly exciting platform,” said Darren Scott. “From design through deployment, it was simple and intuitive to use, and the feature-set is seemingly endless. We are absolutely thrilled with the results.”