New Jersey State House Elects the Q-SYS Ecosystem for Networked Audio and Control

Built in 1790, the New Jersey State House is the third-oldest state house in continuous legislative use in the United States. With a 30 year old card-based AV system in need of an upgrade, QSC enlisted the Q-SYS Ecosystem to provide software-based audio and control throughout the State Senate and Assembly Chambers.

System integrator JD Sound & Video chose the Q-SYS Ecosystem because it offers software-based audio, video and control in a single processor. Both the Assembly and Senate chambers are equipped with a Q-SYS Core 510i Integrated Processor, which handles audio processing and distribution, as well as control capabilities throughout each room.

“With a historical building, the less hardware the better,” explains Joe DiSabatino, President of JD Sound & Video. “Because Q-SYS features audio and control in a single processor, we were able to deploy more functionality with less hardware. Furthermore, it requires fewer cable runs, which greatly reduced our installation costs and expedited system deployment.”

The loudspeakers in both rooms are powered by QSC CXD-Q network amplifiers. Native to the Q-SYS Ecosystem, these amplifiers allow for system design, control and monitoring capability with Q-SYS Designer Software.

JD Sound & Video also utilized Q-SYS UCI Editor to create a custom touch screen-based voting system for use by Senate and Assembly members. Using drag-and-drop control elements, the team built a simple voting UCI without the need for any programming.

Moving forward, the NJ State House is looking to expand the Q-SYS system into its large majority caucus room and meeting spaces. As a software-based platform, Q-SYS will enable the State House to add additional endpoints without ever needing to add additional control processing hardware. “It was important to design a reliable networked audio system that was easily scalable in the future,” explained Joe DiSabatino. “The plan is to continue expanding this system throughout the facility and Q-SYS simplifies that.”

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