Holy Faith Catholic Church Deploys Q-SYS Ecosystem for Audio, Video & Control

Holy Faith Catholic Church is a large house of worship in Gainesville, Florida, that serves more than 2,100 families. Looking to enhance the AV system in their Parish Life Center, they turned to QSC and the Q-SYS™ Ecosystem for network audio and control.

Holy Faith worked with integrator Visionary Systems AV on the project, a 15,000 ft² facility comprised of three meeting spaces, combinable into a single room used for larger events and an outdoor terrace. The system was designed around a Q-SYS Core 110f Unified processor, which handles the audio routing, including the existing 70 V ceiling loudspeaker setup. The room also includes a pair of QSC AP-5112 surface-mount loudspeakers, which provide sound reinforcement for events that sometimes include musical performances.QSC CXD8.8Q network amplifiers power the loudspeakers throughout the space. These amplifiers offer users native control and monitoring within the Q-SYS Ecosystem.

The team at Visionary Systems provided a simple and intuitive user control interface (UCI), designed in the Q-SYS UCI Editor. “The end-user’s control requirements included full audio routing and room combining capabilities,” explained Zachary Baird, owner of Visionary Systems AV. “But it needed to be easy enough for non-technical users to control. Q-SYS helped us easily deliver a solution beyond the customer’s expectations.”

The UCI is deployed on a Q-SYS TSC-80w-G2 touch screen controller. The end-result is a simple, text-based interface that allows users to select their desired audio source and combine any of the three rooms. Once the user has made their selection, the Q-SYS Core automatically applies delays, gain controls, filters and other audio functions based on the type of input, type of loudspeaker and configuration of the selected rooms. As a result, church members and volunteers get great sound and the control they need without needing to understand the system’s complexity.

“The church is thrilled about the upgrade,” says Baird. “They love the Q-SYS system, because it sounds great and is very simple to use.”