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Q-SYS Delivers Flexible, Integrated Event Experiences in Resorts World Las Vegas

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When Resorts World Las Vegas deployed this groundbreaking, mass-scale installation comprised of over 2,000 end points in partnership with Q-SYS, it became one of the largest network installations in the country. Learn about the full scope through the Resorts World Las Vegas series, with four case studies centered around specific aspects of the installation: luxury suites, event spaces, common areas and network architecture.

In this part two the series, learn how the entertainment hub of Resorts World Las Vegas is supported by a backbone of Q-SYS infrastructure.

  • Nimble: The Resorts World Las Vegas team required a software-based solution that could simultaneously enable their entertainment spaces to function alone, to combine and also to allow for niche independent control in different configurations depending on the event.
  • Audio Agnostic: Because of its diverse network architecture, the Resorts World Las Vegas team required an inclusive solution that facilitated the integration of multiple third-party devices.
  • Easy to Use: With a wide array of end users, stakeholders needed a solution that offered not only depth but was also accessible to those without an engineering background.
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