Business Music Case Study

Q-SYS sets the new audio standard for BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

  • Premium Sound – Q-SYS, CXD-Q Series amplifiers and AcousticDesign Series loudspeakers became the standard for high-quality sound throughout new and future BJ’s locations.
  • Multi-zone Processing and Control – Q-SYS provides zone control, paging and ducking throughout the restaurant.
  • Simplified User Experience – Scheduled presets, combined with the Ambient Noise Compensator, free up the staff from manually chasing the changing room levels throughout the day.
  • True End-to-End Solution  – By utilizing QSC loudspeakers and networked amplifiers, the Q-SYS Platform enables easy setup, management and control of the entire audio system.

BJ's Video Testimonial – Q-SYS Platform and Business Music

QSC sits down with Jonathon Beitz, president of JAVI A/V, and talks why they selected the Q-SYS Platform as the new standard for BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.

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