Attero Tech Accessories

Replacement connector/accessory kits are available for all Attero Tech products upon request. Please contact your local Q-SYS rep to request product-specific kits.

24V / 1.25A Worldwide Power Supply for various Attero Tech rack/surface mount products.

1RU rack tray for Attero Tech by Q-SYS Axon Series products.

unXP2I (discontinued)

Single-gang 2-input analog expansion wallplate

unXP2O (discontinued)

Single-gang 2-output analog expansion wallplate

Zip4 Magnetic Microphone Base

Replaces the mechanical mic clip on the Attero Tech Zip4

Zip4 PTT (push-to-talk) Microphone

PTT microphone for the Zip4 (dual-gang) and Zip4-3G zone paging interfaces; RJ-45 terminated 

Available in “Standard” or “Magnetic”