Control the room from your smartphone

Allows users to access specific Q-SYS UCIs without touching the room’s touch screen controller.

QR Codes: Add a custom QR code to your UCI. Users simply open their camera app, aim at the QR code and instantly take advantage of the room controls on their smartphones.

Customized Link: Provide a shortened link to your UCI for users to quickly enable on their mobile browser.

Q-SYS sample design file with social distancing logic

Full annotated file to walk you through the additional logic

Social distancing video signage: Trigger custom messages at the beginning of each meeting (using NV Series).

Safety timers:  Built-in timers start at the top of each meeting to avoid long-term exposures.

Audio reminders: Remind meeting goers to clean & reset the room at the end of each meeting.

Wake-up mode: Use room sensors to wake-up your touch screen without touching it in order to display your QR code. 

Download Sample Design

Download Audio Reminders

Free UCI QR Code plugin for Q-SYS Designer Software

Available now in Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager.

Build direct links to your UCIs with a few easy clicks, and drag them directly into your UCI.
Note: This requires an active internet connection and a Q-SYS Scripting License to deploy.

Download Q-SYS Designer Software

Social Distancing templates for NV Series video endpoints

Combine these with the Q-SYS Dynamic Idle Screen to encourage best practices at the beginning or end of each meeting.

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