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New Solutions


Q-SYS vCore Virtualized Processor

Q-SYS vCore virtualized processor gives you a subset of scalable Q-SYS functionalities in a fully software-based format via a PC/server hypervisor. When paired with the new Q-SYS Control feature license for Q-SYS vCore, you can bring scalable Q-SYS Control capabilities directly to the compute device.


Q-SYS Core 610 Processor

The Q-SYS Core 610 processor combines the powerful Q-SYS OS with an enterprise-grade Dell COTS server ideal for mid-tier applications or centralized processing requirements. By adding the Q-SYS Core 610 Scaling license, you can broadly scale most capacities by 50 percent.


AV Bridging Feature License

The Q-SYS AV Bridging feature license expands the functionality of the TSC Series Gen 3 network touchscreens, allowing users to connect a PC via USB directly to the network touchscreen controller to integrate Q-SYS audio and camera feeds for convenient BYOD/BYOM conferencing connectivity.


AcousticDesign Series Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers

Expanding the AcousticDesign Series, these additions are 6.5-inch two-way ceiling-mount loudspeakers designed for higher power handling for challenging environments. The AD-C6T-HC is ideal for high ceilings or reverberant spaces and the AD-C6T-HP offers higher SPL at standard ceiling height for high-energy spaces.

Want to rewatch?

Catch up on past Q-SYS launch events.


Activate Winter – February 2022

With over 15 new model introductions, this launch showcased new Q-SYS hardware and software innovations including the first Q-SYS network microphone, Q-SYS NM Series, the NL Series PoE network loudspeakers, QIO Series of network audio & control I/O expansions, AcousticDesign™ Series Direct Weather Landscape loudspeakers, as well as Q-SYS scaling feature licenses to expand capabilities of your Q-SYS Core processors.


Activate 2021 – November 2021

Learn about the Q-SYS methodology, discover the new NC Series Network Conference Cameras and TSC Series Gen 3 Touch Screen Controllers and celebrate the introduction of new Google, Zoom and Microsoft Teams certifications as well as the introduction of QSC Professional Services.


One More Core – January 2021

Discover the re-imagined NV-32-H (Core Capable) native network video distribution endpoint, in addition to the existing ‘Peripheral Mode’ and receive get a quick overview of the rest of the Q-SYS processing lineup.

An Ecosystem Expanded – October 2020

This launch event introduces the revolutionary new Q-SYS Core Nano processor for smaller-scale installations, and the versatile new Q-SYS 8 Flex processor, geared toward accommodating a wide range of installation types.