Redfish Technologies

Redfish Technologies

Redfish Technologies is a recognized leader in the design, installation, management and support of integrated audio-visual technology and specialized evidential recording systems, predominantly servicing the Justice, Parliamentary, Law Enforcement, Local Government and Corporate sectors.

Our business is centered on delivering innovative audio visual and security products & services, with a specialist focus on high grade digital recording systems in those markets. Redfish are trusted advisors with expert knowledge and decades of collective knowledge and experience consulting and designing the installation of contemporary fit-for-purpose Court & Hearing Rooms, Council & Committee Rooms, Interview Rooms and Parliamentary Chambers & Committee Spaces.

ASGARD EDGE by Redfish Technologies

Integration Type: Q-SYS Control Plugin

Available as a licensed Q-SYS Plugin, ASGARD EDGE comprises three core elements, ASGARD Annotator, ASGARD Recorder and ASGARD File Transfer.

ASGARD Annotator and Recorder provides a multi-channel audio recording capable of synchronized multi-channel recording from up-to 128 microphone inputs with annotation metadata synchronized with the audio recording, providing high grade evidential recording that can be used for the creation of transcription via traditional methods or via automated speech to text AI engines.

ASGARD EDGE File Transfer provides a WebDAV transfer client paired with the ASGARD WebDAV Windows Server, moving the recordings and meta-data from the Q-SYS platform to a central data server as each recording block is completed. Once moved to a Windows Server, the recorded files are then available to any 3rd party platform for the purpose of production of the final transcription. Files may be removed from the Q-SYS Core platform once transferred successfully to the Windows Server or they may be retained on the Core for a period, satisfying particular regulatory requirements.

Available for download through Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager.


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