Our customers just want to get down to work – no hassles, no drama, no user manual. So we develop innovative conferencing solutions that make it incredibly easy to stay connected, from anywhere. 

With Nureva, voices are picked up in every part of a room, no matter where people sit, stand, face or move. It’s all thanks to Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills spaces with thousands of virtual microphones so everyone can be heard, everywhere. With easy installation options and continuous autocalibration, we save you from the costs and complexity of traditional systems, making our products an ideal match for today’s hybrid meeting rooms and classrooms. 

Our active and growing patent portfolio makes it clear that we aren’t interested in making tweaks to someone else’s idea. We would rather dream big and develop brand new technologies that challenge the status quo. Whether ideas emerge from a hackathon, our R&D team or a conversation around the kitchen table, we are driven to approach the needs of our customers from a fresh perspective. 

Our customers include large enterprises, small businesses, postsecondary institutions and school districts around the world. We have distributors and resellers in over 35 countries and 6 continents – and our global presence just keeps on growing.

Nureva HDL Series Microphone

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