NETGEAR AV is focused on addressing networking challenges and solutions specific to the AV market and to differentiate AV-focused networking products from business and consumer products. From feature sets to pricing structure, NETGEAR AV products are designed to help AV integrators overcome the inherent challenges of delivering fast, reliable networking solutions to their residential and commercial customers. The company is headquartered out of San Jose, Calif. with offices located around the globe.

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NETGEAR AV Line Switches

Integration Type: Q-SYS Control Plugin

Description: The Netgear AV Line Network Switches Plugin allows for the monitoring and management of Netgear AV Line Network Switches from Q-SYS. By default, the plugin is in Read-Only Mode, allowing you to see the connection, PoE, and Error statuses of a port. If the Write Access Mode Property is set to “Yes,” the plugin is enabled to allow for bouncing individual ports and enabling or disabling a port or PoE on a port. The Port Information Property can be changed to choose between Basic, Extended, or Verbose port information, enabling additional diagnostic tools within the plugin. This plugin allows for monitoring via Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager.  

Compatibility: Netgear AV Line firmware version (minimum) is required for compatibility with the plugin. 

Available for download through Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager.


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