Every meeting space should offer a simple and consistent experience for all participants. The Q-SYS Platform paired with Logitech video collaboration solutions deliver advanced AV processing and room control in high-impact spaces.

Simple Connectivity

Connect your Logitech compute device to Q-SYS with a simple USB connection to unlock the power of Q-SYS audio, video and control.

Verified by Q-SYS and Logitech

Q-SYS + Logitech solutions are fully vetted by both companies to ensure seamless performance across the major UC platforms. Features may vary based on the OS and application chosen. Visit Logitech to learn more. 

Customize for Your Environment

Logitech provides the flexibility of UC platform choice while Q-SYS enables a fully customizable AV environment that includes room automation and device control, letting you design to the unique needs of each space.

Software-based Scalability

Q-SYS continues to add features and functionality at the software level, letting the system scale along with the needs of your business well into the future and maximizing ROI for your AV solution.

Featured News

Purpose-Built Collaboration in High-Impact Spaces

Q-SYS partnered with Logitech to provide a dynamic range of audio, video, and control solutions for high-impact spaces.

Q-SYS and Logitech solutions deliver a verified audio, video and control solution with the flexibility of UC platform choice in high-impact spaces

Features may vary based on the OS and application chosen. Visit Logitech to learn more.


Q-SYS integrates with the conferencing platform of your
choice through a single USB connection

Simply connect the Logitech Room Compute to a Q-SYS Core or USB endpoint, and Q-SYS will deliver advanced audio processing, video distribution, and customizable room control tailored to the unique needs of any space.

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