ISAAC is a hosting platform that brings sensible IT concepts and technologies within the more conventional Audio Video workflow. Its ability to run multiple applications and operating systems inside the same physical unit creates an incredible opportunity for hardware consolidation and redundancy while favoring efficiency and sustainability. ISAAC is also highly scalable, accommodating for a simple lobby Media Wall environment to an entire world-class theme park.

ISAAC Platform Plugin Suite

Integration Type: Q-SYS Control Plugin

The Smart Monkeys ISAAC Plugin Suite is made up of multiple plugins that when used together allow you to integrate a fully scalable ISAAC system module into your Q-SYS design. The required command processor plugin connects to the ISAAC device via LAN and enables commands to be sent via notifications from the other 4 optional plugins. These other plugins allow Q-SYS and ISAAC to share logs, send event strings, control other components in a design, and/or authenticate PINs that are created in the ISAAC environment.

Available for download through Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager.


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