Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Blustream is the creation of an ambitious team of AV product managers. Utilizing a wealth of experience within the consumer electronics and multi-room AV industry, we have set about delivering HDMI distribution products that offer more for the AV architect and installer, more in terms of product features and more in terms of value for money.

Front and back view of a Blustream ACM 200

Front view of a Blustream ACM 500

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Blustream ACM 200/500

Integration Type: Q-SYS Control Plugin

Description:  With The Blustream UHD Multicast distribution platform allows distribution of HDMI video over a 1GB Network switch. The ACM200 / ACM500 Advanced Control Module allows for control of the Multicast system from QSC Q-SYS via TCP/IP. This plugin will integrate the UHD Multicast distribution series of Blustream devices via the Blustream ACM200 / ACM500. This plugin supports the following models: ACM200 - ACM500

Available for download through Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager.

Front right-angled view of a Blustream AV Matrix
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Blustream AV Matrix

Description: Blustream offers a wide range of HDBaseT matrix switches. Route HDMI or other video sources to multiple displays in various configurations. Offering various input and output options to suit different installation needs. Select models can also handle audio distribution independent to video, allowing you to route audio signals to different zones or speakers.
This Q-SYS plugin allows control of the Blustream AV Matrix product line over Ethernet or Serial. Once connected the plugin will show the device's model name and firmware and also allow for the cycling of power on the device. Input and Output routing and Power-over-Cable (PoC) settings can be adjusted from the plugin. Audio settings can be adjusted and presets can be loaded. The plugin also offers CEC controls as well as the ability to adjust RS-232 and IR routes.


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