Activu makes any information visible, collaborative, and proactive for people who manage critical operations and incidents. Our customers automatically see, share, and respond to events in real-time, with context, to improve incident response, decision-making, and management.

Activu software, systems, and services benefit the daily lives of billions of people around the globe. Founded in 1983, Activu was the first US-based company to develop command center visualization technology. More than 1,000 control rooms, monitoring, security & operations centers depend on Activu.

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Activu AIS Connect Plugin

Integration Type: Q-SYS Control Plugin

Description: Activu AIS Connect Plugin allows users collaborate and share critical, real-time visual information, video feeds, documents, and apps on any screen in the organization. AIS Connect enables these vis/ability functions for users of Q-SYS to integrate into their applications and interfaces. AIS Connect enables organizations and developers to create user-friendly interoperability and functions using both the Q-SYS and vis/ability platforms.

Available for download through Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager.


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