Presentation spaces are often expected to serve many functions – to be a place to hear lectures, watch live performances, host academic and business conferences, or experience recorded audiovisual and motion picture content. Our expertise and technology in commercial theatrical exhibition is now available for technology and venue managers who want to deliver the “cinema-quality” experience in their multipurpose presentation space.

Q-SYS Cinema Audiovisual Solutions are audio systems that are capable of reproducing more than two channels from the audio source. Audio content is often created to deliver a very specific and deliberate cinema audiovisual experience (such as movies and multimedia presentations that include surround or immersive sound content), with channels assigned to specific loudspeaker locations. Also, many audio systems are designed to synthesize a cinema audiovisual experience from a two-channel source, with less emphasis on reproducing the content creator’s intent. The equipment required to reproduce either of these experiences comprises a Q-SYS Cinema Audiovisual Solution (CAS). CAS are intended for use in venues such as multipurpose/multi-use auditoriums for institutions of higher education, theme parks, museums, cruise ships, and other applications.

Q-SYS Cinema Audiovisual Components

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Digital Cinema Series (DCS) loudspeakers include a wide range of screen channel loudspeakers as well as surrounds and subwoofers.

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Power Amplifiers

Q-SYS CX-Q Series native network amplifiers provide the power for all speakers in a Q-SYS enabled CAS system. Our power amplifiers are legendary for their performance and reliability, and are used in movie theatres everywhere.

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Signal Processing

All signal processing, channel routing, monitoring and control is provided by a Q-SYS Core.

British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)

Discover how Q-SYS supports the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) with extensive theater and public space updates.

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Surround channels draw the audience into the action by creating an immersive multidimensional soundscape. With a range of compact enclosures that fit every decor, the SR Series cinema surround loudspeakers offers the perfect surround solution for any size theater.

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