Q-SYS Support Policy

At Q-SYS, we are deeply committed to delivering an exceptional technical support experience for our highly valued Q-SYS authorized dealers, distributors and end-users. This policy serves as a comprehensive guide on the various facets of our support services. It not only clarifies the eligibility criteria for accessing support but also presents an overview of the different support service policies and options that Q-SYS proudly offers.

Q-SYS Support Eligibility

Authorized Q-SYS dealers, distributors, or end-users (collectively “Q-SYS Support Recipients”) who have a signed sales or support agreement with QSC are entitled to obtain technical support provided they have completed the Q-SYS Level 1 certification program.

Creating a Support Request

Our support services are available via phone or web. Depending on the situation, eligible Q-SYS Support Recipients are encouraged to do the following:

  1. General application and sales questions – Visit the Q-SYS Knowledge Base, https://support.qsys.com/contact-us, where you can find product information, user manuals, and much more for current and discontinued products. You will also find a contact list of your local Q-SYS regional sales representative.
  2. Non-urgent technical support – Create a support case online from the Q-SYS Knowledge Base, https://support.qsys.com/contact-us. Our team will strive to provide prompt and effective support.
  3. Urgent technical support – Q-SYS phone support is available for urgent matters when a field engineer is onsite and actively working with the gear in question.

When a support request is initiated a unique "Case" is created to track it. The number associated with this case serves as a reference for all diagnostic and investigative efforts, enabling efficient tracking and minimizing repetitive queries. If the issue persists, you can reopen the same Case. It is important to make note of this case number and use it as a reference when interacting with support. This will help escalate and expedite next steps in the investigation of the problem.

Preparing for a Q-SYS Support Request

For the best outcome, Q-SYS Support Recipients should be ready to provide the following information to the Technical Support agent:

  • Q-SYS Design file.
  • Q-SYS Log Archives.
  • A concise problem statement, with a clear explanation of the problem you are experiencing.
  • Q-SYS equipment in use, with model and serial number, and a clear explanation of how it’s connected in the Q-SYS Ecosystem.

Note: Before contacting Q-SYS support about a third-party networking issue, please consult the Q-SYS Network Support Checklist to rule out simple issues and gather the proper information.

Q-SYS Hardware Support Policy

At Q-SYS, we offer a standard 3-year limited warranty on our hardware products, with an advanced replacement option for the first 12 months. The advanced replacement option is offered solely at the discretion of Q-SYS regions, as support service policies may vary from region to region due to local laws and regulations. You may also visit our Q-SYS Support website for warranty policy, https://www.qsys.com/support/warranty-statement/ and discontinued product list, https://www.qsys.com/support/discontinued-products/.

Problems with Q-SYS Hardware

Once a Technical Support agent diagnoses the Case and determines hardware action is needed, the Case will be forwarded to the Customer Care team for handling your request. The Customer Care Team will either refer you to a nearby authorized service center or create a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) for you.

Q-SYS Designer Software Support Policy

Q-SYS strives to bring new software solutions and features updates to better service our customers. To maximize business performance, you are encouraged to transition your systems to either the latest Q-SYS Designer Software release or the latest long-term support release.

Q-SYS will provide technical support on the most recent prior release of Q-SYS Designer Software (annotated as “End of Life – Supported”) for a period up to twelve (12) months. During this support period, Q-SYS will deliver a commercially reasonable effort to assist our customers experiencing problems with a system. After the twelve (12) months period, the prior software version will no longer be supported by Q-SYS.

Third-party Hardware and Software Support

Q-SYS reserves the right to limit support of third-party devices. This includes hardware and software from third-party sources that are not Certified Q-SYS Ecosystem partners. Q-SYS Technical Support will provide limited diagnostic guidance to identify potential issues that may be rooted in third-party integration. Q-SYS is not responsible for configuring third-party devices. In the event that our support efforts do not result in a resolution to the issue at hand, Q-SYS may guide our Q-SYS Support Recipients to reach out directly to the respective third-party hardware of software company for further investigation.

Q-SYS Network Support Policy

Q-SYS NS Series Network Switches

Q-SYS supplied NS Series switches are configured to be used as shipped in limited Q-SYS applications. Support for these switches is limited to the following:

  • Assessment of hardware including warranty replacement where consistent with policy.
  • Provision of latest-release firmware and configuration files
  • Restoration of the switch to the default shipping configuration

Q-SYS support will not assist end-users with custom configurations for these switches such as implementation of additional VLANs, etc.

Third-party Networks

Q-SYS Technical Support provides limited troubleshooting and technical support of IT infrastructure and network hardware. While Q-SYS Technical Support agents and network specialists can provide configuration guidance, Q-SYS is not responsible for the network itself nor can Q-SYS guarantee the proper operation of Q-SYS on that network. As a general guideline, Q-SYS provides limited support in the areas shown below, although the extent of network support in these areas is not guaranteed:

  • Diagnosis of the reported symptoms.
  • Limited examination of the configuration and layout of the IT infrastructure.
  • Recommending changes to the configuration of the QSC system.
  • Recommending changes to the configuration or layout of the IT infrastructure.

Support calls with a Q-SYS Network Specialist are limited to a maximum of 30 minutes . During the 30 minute session, QSC’s Network Specialist will review the symptoms, analyze pertinent data, and make recommendations to help the end-user resolve the problem that was reported. It is important that the appropriate IT resources at the end-user site are available during the call, as it is outside the scope of Q-SYS support to configure your network devices.

In complex network environments, an end-user may be asked to follow up with the results of those suggestions and schedule a callback.

Q-SYS 24/7 Emergency Support Policy

Q-SYS provides emergency support outside of regular business hours for systems that were previously running properly and now are experiencing a problem. We aim to restore the system to working condition, although Q-SYS cannot offer any guarantees.

When contacting Q-SYS 24/7 emergency support, and for the best outcome, please provide the Technical Support agent:

  • Internet access to enable TeamViewer remote desktop software.
  • Access to Q-SYS system (preferably, the caller should be onsite).
  • Q-SYS log files and Designer files.

Scope of Q-SYS Emergency Support

The Q-SYS Technical Support agent will make every effort to:

  • Provide commercially reasonable efforts to return the call within 30-minutes once an emergency support Case is created.
  • Provide diagnostics of Q-SYS system over the phone or via TeamViewer.
  • Review log file(s) and Q-SYS Designer files, as appropriate.
  • Evaluate basic network conditions for the Q-SYS system.

Q-SYS reserves the right to defer a non-urgent Case to a Q-SYS Regional Office during normal business hours.

What is not Provided with Q-SYS Emergency Support

Q-SYS will not provide any of the following as part of our emergency support:

  • Immediate hot-fix or software bug fixes.
  • Onsite services.
  • Extensive network troubleshooting or reconfiguration of network system.
  • Fixes to physical items such as hardware, accessories or other devices associated with the use of the Q-SYS System.
  • Any services to update or fix third-party equipment, software, or services.
  • Troubleshooting of scripts or other code written by end-user or third parties (e.g., plug-ins or middleware).
  • Q-SYS System configuration (contact QSC Regional Office for support during business hours).
  • Q-SYS System maintenance support.
  • Updates or Upgrades for the Q-SYS Designer Software.
  • Commissioning services.
  • Support for (a) modifications of the Q-SYS System or Q-SYS Designer Software made by any person or (b) technical issues caused by the improper operation of the Q-SYS System or Q-SYS Designer Software.

Systemic Issues

If troubleshooting reveals a systemic issue with hardware or software, the Case will be escalated to the appropriate Q-SYS personnel. Faulty hardware will be replaced or repaired consistent with the Q-SYS warranty policy. Software issues will be escalated as necessary, with software patches or upgrades released as needed.

Q-SYS will work with each end-user to maximize the service level, but Q-SYS reserves the right to determine and assign the priority level in each case.

Additional Support Options

If the scope of support exceeds Q-SYS Support guidelines, Q-SYS offers professional services whereby an end-user may secure advanced support as a paid service – for example, DSP configuration, third-party control scripting, intuitive user control interface design and advanced networking configuration. Contact your Sales Rep or QSC Regional Sales Director to learn more about QSC’s professional services program. For additional information you may visit, https://www.qsys.com/products-solutions/q-sys/services/professional-services/


Note: Service options may vary by region. Please contact your regional Q-SYS Support in the respective countries for more information.


This policy is subject to change at the sole discretion of Q-SYS and will be posted to the Q-SYS website on or about the time such changes are made effective.