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Q-SYS is now supported by Google Meet to scale the familiar Google user experience into a variety of high-impact spaces. The Q-SYS Core processor or I/O-USB Bridge integrates with the Google Meet compute device via single USB connection, which then brings the power and flexibility of Q-SYS to Google Meet.

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Simple Connectivity

Connect your Google Meet compute device to Q-SYS with a single USB connection to unlock the power of Q-SYS audio, video, and control processing.

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Harness the Power of Q-SYS Control

Q-SYS enables a fully customizable AV environment, including room automation, proper room-state lighting, display control, along with Google meeting controls from a supported Google Meet controller.

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Optimize for Your Environment

Deliver the optimal audio, video, and control experience for your high-impact spaces with a large portfolio of amplifiers, loudspeakers, and third-party device integration capabilities by Q-SYS.

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Automatic Multi-Camera Switching

Q-SYS uses the power of the network to allow you to use as many Q-SYS network conference cameras to a space and enables live switching between the cameras while delivering a singular camera feed to Google Meet.

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Guided Optimization

Simplify your Google Meet deployments with a pre-configured Q-SYS design file and guided room optimization that simplifies room setup.

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Remote Monitoring and Management

Check system health, support the user control interface from anywhere with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager

Featured News

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Q-SYS Brings Q-SYS Control to Google Meet Hardware Ecosystem

Q-SYS is the first integrated audio, video, and control solution certified for Google Meet.

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Solving High-Impact Spaces with Software

Learn how Q-SYS and Google utilize a software-based approach to solving the needs of high-impact spaces.

Four employees in a conference room, featuring Q-SYS peripherals, partaking in a vide conference call

For an Immersive Environment, Meet Q-SYS + Google

Learn how you can extend the exceptional Google Meet experience from the focus room to any space in your campus with Q-SYS.

Scale the Google Meet experience into High-Impact spaces

Leverage the power of Q-SYS to enable High-Impact Spaces with Google Meet

The Q-SYS Core OS is the software foundation that drives native Q-SYS software, services and hardware. It is jointly tested and supported to work with Google Meet, enabling interoperability for current and future Q-SYS Products. The Google Meet Compute integrates with Q-SYS via single USB connection to the Q-SYS Core Processor or a Q-SYS I/O-USB Bridge.

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Google Meet Control

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  • Enable meeting control and room controls from a Google Meet controller.
  • Google Meet CSS style replicates the Google Meet look and feel that users are familiar with on the Q-SYS user control interface (UCI).

Enhancements for Google Meet Deployment

  • Laptop and Smartphone displaying Google Meets Design for Q-SYS
  • Pre-configured Q-SYS Designer software file: provides the certified DSP signal flow and settings.
  • Room Optimization UCI: assists users with setting up the audio in their room.


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Sample Q-SYS Designer Files

Pre-configured Q-SYS Designer files can be downloaded from Asset Manager, found in Q-SYS Designer Software.

Q-SYS Designer Software

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Solutions Application Guides

Use these guides to walk you through integrating Q-SYS and Google Meet while adhering to best practices.

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Solutions Overview Guides

Provides an introduction to Google-certified Q-SYS solutions based on your room type.

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