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Delivering impactful connections and memorable experiences is a team effort. Our partners bring together hardware and software that integrates seamlessly with Q-SYS to optimize systems that fit your unique space.

Q-SYS Alliance Partners

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Q-SYS is now certified to enable and scale the Google Meet experience into a variety of high-value spaces. Q-SYS integrates with Google Meet via single USB, which then brings the power and flexibility of Q-SYS to Google Meet.

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Since its inception, all Q-SYS Core AV&C processors have been standardized on Intel chipsets, which have provided Q-SYS with the processing headroom to deliver features at the software level, removing the need for dedicated hardware found in traditional AV systems.

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Q-SYS delivers a fully networked and manageable AV&C networked infrastructure for Microsoft Teams via single USB connection, while offering the flexibility to expand and manage the Teams environment into a variety of specialty spaces while maintaining a consistent user experience.

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Q-SYS Meeting Room Solutions, including Zoom certified Q-SYS devices collectively simplify the integration complexity and allow you to scale your Zoom Rooms deployment.


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Q-SYS leverages Dell’s broad portfolio of enterprise-grade products to deliver audio, video and control to wide variety of applications.

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With Q-SYS and Lenovo, the combined solutions enable Q-SYS to offer room bundles servicing high-impact spaces across key UC Platforms.


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Technology Integrations



Q-SYS Technology Solutions

Q-SYS enables simple integration of third-party software, services, and hardware from technology providers across the globe.
Optimize your system with fully vetted and endorsed integrations from the Q-SYS Ecosystem.

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Q-SYS Developer Partners are qualified third-party organizations that have met specific Q-SYS training and testing requirements to support plugin creation. They are an essential part of the Q-SYS ecosystem where their knowledge and experience are essential to bringing integrations to life. logo
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