The same world-famous Q-SYS amplifier technology that powers the best live music performances around the globe combines with our high-performance line-up of ceiling and surface loudspeakers to deliver immersive, high-impact dance music and heart-pumping bass. Whether the venue is a multi-story/multi-room mix of music and lifestyles or as simple as a single dance floor, the robust control capabilities of Q-SYS makes it easy to change music sources, adjust volume for individual rooms or zones,
and coordinate a wide array of audio players.

Q-SYS Nightlife Features

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Confidence & Predictability

Rest easy! Your venue spaces can automatically return to a default state, from lighting presets, camera, HVAC settings and audio levels.

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Background Music Distribution & Paging

Whether it's the bar, dance floor or VIP rooms, you can distribute music to specific areas in the facility while providing playlist and track controls to your Q-SYS user control interface. Additionally, Q-SYS lets you send live or pre-recorded messages wherever they need to be heard.

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Simple Control

Staff shouldn’t need to worry about technology during their shifts. That’s why Q-SYS and its built-in control engine allows end-users to trigger single-button audio/video/environmental presets based on event type or time of day. Best of all, they can control this from a Q-SYS touchscreen, or their own mobile device!

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Live Event Streaming

If you want to reach a bigger audience for your events, connect a PC via USB to Q-SYS and stream video and system audio feeds to any major web broadcasting platform.

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Diagram and wiring of a nightlives dancefloor and dj booth featuring Q-SYS hardware and peripherals

Nightlife Components

1 – Core 8 Flex Processor

1 – NS Series Gen 2 Network Switch

4 – CX-Q Series Network Amplifier

1 – TSC Series Touchscreen Controllers

8 – PL-DC 26 Point Source Performance Loudspeakers

2 – PL-DC 12 Point Source Performance Loudspeakers

2 – PL-LA 12 Line Array Performance Loudspeakers

6 – PL-SUB 18 Passive Installation Subwoofer

2 – QSC K12.2 Stage Monitors


Resorts World Las Vegas: Nightlife

Q-SYS delivers flexible, integrated event experiences in the entertainment hub of Resorts World Las Vegas,
including a nightclub, a dayclub, an experiential restaurant and a social gaming bar.

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Q-SYS PL Series badge

Q-SYS PL Series performance loudspeakers pair a rich legacy of high-performance audio solutions with the power and flexibility of Q-SYS to extend an integrated audio, video and control experience into front-of-house- applications. PL Series add multiple form factors (line array, point source, and subwoofer) to a comprehensive
Q-SYS portfolio that lets you take advantage of industry leading power amplification, flexible AV routing, intuitive control and robust processing
capabilities to deliver a singular Q-SYS experience venue-wide.

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