Q-SYS is a fully integrated, software-based audio, video & control platform that enables versatility for a myriad of event types. From the somber to the celebratory, to the weekly message, Q-SYS provides a cost-effective strategy for setting up a multitude of zones to be controlled by limited staff or even volunteers. And our industry-leading portfolio of ceiling and surface loudspeakers are performance-matched to provide optimal quality while deploying unobtrusively in virtually scenario.

House of Worship Features

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Live Streaming

If you want to reach a bigger audience with your message, connect a PC via USB to Q-SYS and stream camera video and system audio feeds to any major web broadcasting platform.

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Cinema Quality Sound

Create a cinema-like, multi-channel audio experience using the same equipment that’s used in movie theatres around the globe. Learn More

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Simple Control

Staff and volunteers shouldn’t need to worry about the technology in the room. That’s why Q-SYS and its built-in control engine allows instructors to trigger single-button audio/video/environmental presets based on event type. Best of all, they can control this from a Q-SYS touchscreen, or control the room from their own mobile device! Learn More

Paging & Background Music Distribution

Whether it's the gathering space, nave, or the entire space, Q-SYS lets you send live or pre-recorded messages where they need to be heard. Additionally, you can distribute music to specific areas in the facility while providing playlist and track controls to your Q-SYS user control interface.

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In-room Voice Reinforcement

Your message will be crystal clear, thanks to Q-SYS room optimization tools, EQ and processing, along with broad portfolio of Q-SYS installed loudspeakers and custom loudspeaker presets.

Example Diagrams

Successful Deployments

These are just a few of the spaces that have elevated experiences with the Q-SYS Platform.

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church enhanced with a Q-SYS integrated system

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

Q-SYS enhances livestreaming and audio capabilities to maintain the highest level of service.

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Holy Faith Catholic Church enhanced with a Q-SYS integrated system

Holy Faith Catholic Church

Holy Faith Catholic Church gets a faithful upgrade with Q-SYS.

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Outside view of Bethany Christian Services

Bethany Christian Services

Q-SYS enables simple conferencing solutions for challenging multipurpose space.

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Inside view of York Minster enhanced with a Q-SYS integrated system

York Minster

Q-SYS delivers network audio and control at York Minster.

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Q-SYS PL Series performance loudspeakers pair a rich legacy of high-performance audio solutions with the power and flexibility of Q-SYS to extend an integrated audio, video and control experience into front-of-house- applications. PL Series add multiple form factors (line array, point source, and subwoofer) to a comprehensive Q-SYS portfolio that lets you take advantage of industry leading power amplification, flexible AV routing, intuitive control and robust processing capabilities to deliver a singular Q-SYS experience venue-wide.

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