Passive installation subwoofers

Hero array of PL-SUB subwoofers including the PL-SUB10, PL-SUB12, PL-SUB15, PL-SUB18

The Q-SYS PL-SUB family is composed of passive, installation subwoofers that feature a weatherized wooden enclosure in a compact form factor suited for a broad range of applications, from entertainment and small sporting venues to corporate auditoriums or higher ed lecture halls. Four models (10-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch, and 18-inch) provide an abundance of options to ensure the right solution anywhere in the venue that requires higher performance audio. PL Series performance loudspeakers pair a rich legacy of high-performance audio with the power and flexibility of Q-SYS to extend an integrated audio, video, and control experience to your front-of-house applications.


  • Four models available for optimal flexibility
  • Weatherized (IP54) wooden enclosure for indoor and protected outdoor environments


  • Deliver the right system for your customers: PL Series loudspeakers provide an abundance of options to ensure the right loudspeaker solution anywhere in the venue that requires higher performance audio. All PL Series loudspeakers feature a weatherized enclosure (IP54 rating), making them a perfect choice for indoor or protected outdoor applications. Pairing them with the Q-SYS Platform, including Q-SYS processing and network amplifiers extends several unique benefits from custom voicings and protection safeguards to advanced telemetry, helping to speed up deployment and deliver a more holistic system operation experience.
  • Full control and monitoring for Entertainment: The Q-SYS Platform offers a full-featured control engine that lets you deploy the right level of intuitive user control and system visibility for each stakeholder in the venue. Design an advanced system control interface with Q-SYS UCI Editor for the sound operators, containing any combination of gain, preset triggers, status indicators, telemetry data, and more. Similarly, enlist Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager to remotely monitor and manage the integrity of your system from anywhere, and even allow an offsite technician to identify and troubleshoot issues from any web browser.
  • Seamless Q-SYS experience: PL Series performance loudspeakers are part of a comprehensive Q-SYS system portfolio that delivers a holistic audio, video, and control experience for the entire venue. Whether you need foreground reinforcement for your performance area, background music in the lobbies or ancillary areas, collaboration in the meeting rooms, wide area audio distribution or third-party device integration and automation, the Q-SYS Platform ties these pieces to deliver a uniquely tailored experience throughout.



Transducers LF: 10 in (250 mm), 3 in (75 mm) voice coil LF: 12 in (300 mm), 3 in (75 mm) voice coil LF: 15 in (380 mm), 4 in (100 mm) voice coil LF: 18 in (460 mm), 4 in (100 mm) voice coil
Enclosure Configuration: Passive subwoofer in bass reflex enclosure
Coverage Omnidirectional Omni-directional or cardioid radiation modes selectable in Q-SYS; cardioid setup requires minimum two (2) units
System bandwidth
(-10 dB with EQ)

43-100 Hz
Sub Crossover = 80

43-110 Hz
Sub Crossover = 100

43-140 Hz
Sub Crossover = 125

40-100 Hz
Sub Crossover = 80

40-110 Hz
Sub Crossover = 100

40-140 Hz
Sub Crossover = 125

38-100 Hz
Sub Crossover = 80

38-110 Hz
Sub Crossover = 100

38-140 Hz
Sub Crossover = 125

34-100 Hz
Sub Crossover = 80

34-110 Hz
Sub Crossover = 100

34-140 Hz
Sub Crossover = 125

System Sensitivity 90 dB 1W/1m 93 dB 1W/1 m 97.5 dB 1 W/1m 96 dB 1 W/1 m
Max SPL* (continuous) 132 dB 137 dB 139 dB 140 dB
Enclosure Material Exterior plywood
Enclosure Color: Black (RAL 9011)
Connectors 2x Speakon NL4 (cable connector not provided)
1x Euroblock (parallel to Speakon): Solid wire 8-24 AWG, 4 poles
Weatherization IP54
External plywood
Stainless screws
Treated grille vs. UV and corrosion
Hydrophobic stainless steel mesh behind grille
Polyurea Paint
Input cup (IP65) sealing with gland
Recommended Amplifiers

(up to 2 per ch)

(up to 1 per ch)

Q-SYS CX-Q 8K4 (up to 2 per ch)
Dimensions 10.8 x 16.7 x 20 in
(275 x 425 x 510 mm)
12.7 x 20.6 x 24 in
(325 x 525 x 610 mm)
14.7 x 23.5 x 27.1 in
(375 x 598 x 690 mm)
20.9 x 24.4 x 29.15 in
(531 x 620 x 740.6 mm)
Weight 41.8 lb (18.96 kg) 53.1 lb (24.1 kg) 80 lb (36.3 kg) 102.2 lb (46.3 kg)

*1 m on-axis in free space; continuous IEC noise 6 dB crest factor into power rating
All specifications are subject to change without notice.