Dual 5.25-inch landscape subwoofer

  • Hero front and side view of the AD-DWL.SUB premium outdoor loudspeaker
  • Hero magnified view of the AD-DWL.SUB premium outdoor loudspeaker
  • Digital render of an AD-DWL.SUB loudspeaker outdoors on a sunny day
  • Digital render of an AD-DWL.SUB loudspeaker outdoors on a sunny day


  • 5.25 in (135mm) in weather-resistant cone woofer
  • Reliable 120 W 70 / 100 V transformers with 16 Ω bypass
  • Maximum peak SPL 112 dB (16 Ω  bypass)
  • Includes direct-to-concrete mounting collar (burial mounting option via AD-DWL.BASE acessory)
  • Tamper resistant stainless-steel hardware
  • Rugged F1-F2 UL Rated polypropylene/fiberglass construction exterior
  • Unobtrusive green color and style allows it to blend with the environment (or paintable exterior allows for further customization)
  • Meets Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP-55 for dust and splash resistance


  • Optimal Outdoor Sound Experience
    All AcousticDesign™ Series Direct Weather models address the variabilities of outdoor environments with an elevated bollard design, allowing sound to travel above obstructions for an optimal listener experience. The companion subwoofer elevates the sound profile of outdoor environments and supports esay installation with a common base support footprint.
  • Impact Resistance
    Featuring direct-to-concrete or in-earth base supports for permanent installation as well as tamper-resistant screws and a rugged exterior, the AcousticDesign™ Series Direct Weather family mitigates damage from accident or attempted tampering.
  • All Weather Durability
    With an Ingress Protection (IP) Rating of IP55, durable polypropylene/fiberglass construction and stainless-steel hardware, this series is built to withstand the long-term outdoor exposure.
  • Advanced Loudspeaker Voicings
    To further enhance performance and speed of install with optimum result, advanced voicing filter sets using Intrinsic Correction™ techniques are available via Q-SYS for a complete systems solution.
System Details AD-DWL.SUB
Effective frequency range 48Hz - 200 Hz
Rated noise power 160 W
Broadband sensitivity >84 dB @ 1 W/1m
Coverage angle (-6 dB) Omni
Maximum continuous SPL 106 dB
Maximum peak SPL 112 dB
Rated impedance 16 Ω
Transformer taps 12.5 W, 25 W, 50 W, 100 W / 25 W, 50 W, 100 W
Transducer 2x 5.25 in (135 mm) weather resistant cone woofer, ferrite magnet, rubber surround
Input connector type Wire pig-tail, blunt
Enclosure material Glass-Filled polypropylene, F1-F2 UL Rated
Grille material Polyester fabric on polycarbonate frame
Mount Direct to concrete
Ingress protection (IP - 55)
Operating environment Designed for outdoor use
Testing Exceeded MilSpec819 standard for humidity, salt spray, temperature, and UV

Passed Mil-STD-202f standard for salt spray (specific to electrical components)
Product dimensions (HWD) 30.16 in (766mm) x 6.46 in (164mm) x 6.46 in (164mm) (not including base support)
Net weight  10.36 lb (4.7 kg)
Shipping weight 14.8 lb (6.7 kg)
Shipping dimensions (HWD) 38.23 in (971mm) x 10.63 in (270mm) x 10.63 in (270mm)
Included accessories Direct-to-concrete mounting collar


*All specifications are subject to change without notice.