Q-SYS delivers intuitive, powerful solutions for hotels via centralized, IP-based distribution and control – whether for live speakers using full multi-media playback in conference rooms, DJs in the lounge, live music in ballrooms, background music in lobbies, elevators, restaurants, and poolside, or broadcasting announcements throughout the property.

Q-SYS Hotel Features

Live Event Streaming

If you want to reach a bigger audience for your event, connect a PC via USB to Q-SYS and stream video and system audio feeds to any major web broadcasting platform.

Cinema Quality Audio

Create a cinema-like, multi-channel audio experience using the same equipment that’s used in movie theatres around the globe.

Paging & Background Music Distribution

Whether it's a lobby, common areas or the entire venue, Q-SYS lets you send live or pre-recorded messages where they need to be heard. Additionally, you can distribute music to specific areas in the facility while providing playlist and track controls to your Q-SYS user control interface.


Patrons shouldn’t need to worry about the technology in their suite. That’s why Q-SYS and its built-in control engine allows end-users to trigger single-button audio/video/environmental presets based on preference. Best of all, they can control this from a Q-SYS touchscreen.

Successful Deployments

These are just a few of the venues that have elevated patron experience with the Q-SYS Platform.

Resorts World Las Vegas: Suites

Q-SYS brings the high-impact experiences that VIP guests expect to Resorts World Las Vegas luxury suites.

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Emily Resort

Discover how Emily Resort’s high standard for audio quality in outdoor experiences is achieved with Q-SYS.

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Wilshire Grand Center

In this case study, Q-SYS and CXD-Q Series network amplifiers enable audio and control at Wilshire Grand Center in downtown Los Angeles.

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Castanea Best Western Resort

Castanea Best Western Resort modernizes eight multi-functional rooms with an intuitive focus using the Q-SYS Platform.

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Address outdoor environment variables with an elevated bollard design, allowing sound to travel above obstructions for an optimal listener experience.
The available 180° or 360° coverage models enables customization for individual environmental requirements.

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