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The Q-SYS NL-SB42 is a network PoE soundbar that delivers clear speech and music reproduction natively to Q-SYS. It features a two-way design that provides wide off-axis response, and is optimized to better handle program content (in addition to voice content). The Q-SYS NL-SB42 supports vertical or horizontal mounting and can be integrated into your space with a single Ethernet cable to reduce overall hardware footprint and lower system cost. As a native Q-SYS Product, you can take advantage of the drag-and-drop integration and simple control capabilities offered by Q-SYS.


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Features & Benefits

  • Native PoE soundbar for Q-SYS
  • 3.5-inch woofer + 0.75-inch tweeter
  • Two-way design provides wider off-axis response optimized for program and voice content
  • Supports vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Powered-over-Ethernet enables power, data, and control over a single cable
  • Programmable RGB light bar
  • Consistent tonal characteristics across the entire NL Series family to let you mix and match form factors
  • Q-SYS integrates loudspeaker voicings (Intrinsic Correction) to simplify the tuning process
  • Comprehensive management via Q-SYS Designer Software and Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager
  • Includes quick-install wall bracket, with 3 cm of fine adjustment

Two-way network PoE soundbar: The Q-SYS NL-SB42 is a two-way PoE soundbar that features a 4-inch woofer and 0.75-inch tweeter, and supports both horizontal and vertical mounting. The two-way design enables a wide off-axis response, and is primed to better handle program and voice content, making it a great option for any high-value space.

In Sync with Q-SYS Call Sync: The Q-SYS NL-SB42 network soundbar features a fully configurable LED status indicator. This LED can also be controlled automatically by Q-SYS Call Sync, which syncs onboard controls and LED status indicators on select Q-SYS device (NM-T1 microphone, TSC Series Gen 3 touchscreens & NL-SB42 PoE soundbar) keeping the state of all in-room endpoints in sync. Additionally, Q-SYS Call Sync provides mute sync for UC platforms via the Q-SYS HID controller, as well as ringing and hook state for Q-SYS softphone and POTS controller.



Mix and Match: NL Series network loudspeakers are built on the same design principles as the Q-SYS AcousticDesign™ Series, featuring a sleek, unobtrusive design along with the same sonic characteristics that allow integrators to mix-and-match form factors to fit the unique needs of any space.

Go Easy: NL Series network loudspeakers are powered-over-Ethernet (PoE), which means native Q-SYS audio data, power and control and are delivered over a single cable, greatly simplifying installation and deployment while reducing rack space requirements.

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Intrinsic Correction: Q-SYS automatically integrates loudspeaker voicings (Intrinsic Correction) to simplify the tuning process.

Remote Monitoring and Management: NL Series network loudspeakers are the first loudspeakers that can be automatically monitored and managed by Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager every step of the way, from the audio source all the way through the loudspeaker driver.

Designed for Q-SYS: Q-SYS NL Series PoE loudspeakers are native to Q-SYS, a cloud-manageable audio, video and control platform, built to deliver scalable, flexible AV solutions into the future. Learn more about Q-SYS.

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Diagram of 4 meeting rooms utilizing Q-SYS hardware including the NM-TI microphone, all with centralized processing connecting the 4 rooms.

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Specifications NL-SB42
Loudspeaker type Network PoE soundbar for Q-SYS
LF transducer 3.5-in (88.9 mm) paper cone woofer
HF transducer 0.75-in (19.05 mm) silk dome tweeter
Effective frequency range 110 Hz - 20 kHz
Rated noise power 12 W (PoE), 24 W (PoE+)
Rated coverage 150° horizontal, 160° vertical (1 kHz - 10 kHz)
Directivity factor 2.7
Directivity index 4.2 dB
Maximum continuous SPL 90 dB (PoE), 93 dB (PoE +)
Maximum peak SPL 106 dB (PoE), 107 dB (PoE +)
Input connector type RJ45
Power requirements PoE (Type 1 Class 3) or PoE+ (Type 2 Class 4)
Enclosure material ABS
Grille material Powder-coated steel
Operating temperature range 10° to 40° C (50° to 104° F)
Net weight 3.86 lbs (1.75 kg)
Product dimensions 20.4 x 3.97 x 2.87 in (518.1 x 101 x 73 mm)
Included accessories Wall-mounting bracket, rubber feet
Safety agency UL/IEC 62368-1, CE

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.