Complete Family of Solutions for Music Reinforcement     

Architecturally Pleasing

AcousticDesign™ Series loudspeakers were designed to support the aesthetics of the most demanding installations, and comes equipped with unadorned grills and stylistic (paintable) enclosures. Decora™-compatible wall controllers (MP-MFC) have a simple, yet elegant design with a crisp display.  For installations with limited rack space, the MP-M Series mixers provide a perfect aesthetic compliment to the MP-A Series amplifiers, both in a compact 1RU footprint.

Comprehensive Toolkit

System designers can simplify the quoting and design process with one comprehensive catalog that offers a complete end-to-end audio B-chain for foreground reinforcement and background music across a wide spectrum of installation requirements.

Fast Installation and Configuration

Intuitive Configuration App

MP Install app allows designers and installers to easily design a system, either offline or while connected to an MP-M Series mixer. It provides an intuitive Workflow Wizard to assist with navigating the room tuning process and expediting commissioning tasks.

It also allows designers to maximize the performace and value of loudspeakers with Intrinsic Correction voicings for QSC loudspeakers (we did the work so you don’t have to).

Simplified Wiring & Configuration

The AcousticDesign Series SUB/SAT loudspeakers include a number of easy-to-install features to minimize installation and commissioning labor costs including built-in high pass satellite outputs, snap-fit magnetic grills (for ceiling-mount and pendant-mount loudspeakers), and an easy, repeatable mounting system (for surface-mount models).

The AcousticDesign Series SUB/SAT subwoofers also come equipped with cable-tie anchors, Euroblock connectors, and selector switches for easy configuration right on the back of the panel.

Fast Amplifier Configuration

MP-A Series amplifiers feature FlexAmp Technology, which allows the installer to configure each pair of channels to deliver up to 400 W combined output power, in any ratio. This simplifies system design by allowing a single, high-channel count amplifier to meet the needs of virtually any system.

The amplifiers can also be configured in a matter of minutes with dipswitches on the back panel.

Streamlined User Experience

Elegant, Simple Wall Controllers

The MP-MFC wall controllers give end users a graphical display and set of buttons to easily adjust zone source selection, zone output level, input level selection and scene recall.

Wireless Control and Paging   

For wireless end user control, the MP Manage app offers unique store-and-forward zone paging functionality to the MP-M Series mixer. The installer can create multiple user profiles to grant individual access.

Next-Level of User Experience

For installations with a higher channel or customized end user control, installers can elevate the system with Q-SYS. This provides the same audio and zone capabilities with the added benefit of additional control, including the ability to easily control third-party devices such as video switching, room automation and environmental controls such as lighting.


Video Case Study: Flexible Music Reinforcement

Q-SYS sits down with Paul McGuire from Konex AV to discuss why his firm chose the Q-SYS MP-M Series music and paging mixers
along with the MP-MFC wall controllers to deliver a unique audio environment with next-level user experience for two
beachside eateries, Sandy’s Beach Shack and Fred’s Mexican Cafe, in Huntington Beach, CA.

Featured Premium Business Music Products

MP-M Series Zone & Paging Mixers

  • Routes high-quality audio from various sources to multiple zones
  • Live mixing function for applications that require reinforcement
  • Line input features dual phone jacks for easy connection to sources
  • Intrinsic Correction loudspeaker tuning for QSC loudspeakers

MP-A Series Zone Amplifiers

  • FlexAmp technology allows each pair of amplifier channels to deliver up to 400 W total power, in any ratio
  • Load selector for driving 4 Ω, 8 Ω, 70 V or 100 V on each channel
  • Selectable 80Hz high-pass filter on each output

AcousticDesign Series AD-P.HALO Integrated SUB/SAT Pendant Loudspeaker System

  • 6.5" subwoofer and four 2.75" transducers in a single enclosure
  • 200 W RMS power rating and extended 360° coverage pattern
  • All-in-one loudspeaker system that is ready to hang right out of the box
  • Mix-&-match capability with consistent sonic characteristics between all form factors

AcousticDesign Series SUB/SAT Small Format Loudspeakers

  • Mix-&-match capability with consistent sonic characteristics between all form factors
  • Subwoofers simplify wiring and configuration
  • Easy to install with snap-fit magnetic grills, repeatable mounting system

MP Install App

  • For designers to easily design and configure an MP-M system
  • Workflow Wizard helps navigate through room tuning to speed commissioning
  • Available for iOS / Android tablets, Windows and MAC OS



MP Manage App

  • End users control of day-to-day operations
  • Controls basic system functions - zone level control, source selection, scene recall, scheduling and mixer control
  • Wireless store-and-forward paging
  • Available for iOS/Android tablets and smartphones



MP-MFC Wall Controllers

  • Graphical display and buttons to control zone source selection, zone output level, input levels and scene recall.
  • Connect up to eight MP-MFC controllers to a single MP-M Series mixer using CAT-5 cabling with a maximum total cable length of 250 m
  • Fits North American or European electrical boxes



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