Q-SYS Network Support Policy

The Q-SYS Ecosystem is a software-based audio, video and control processing and networking platform built to run on standard off-the-shelf IT hardware and network infrastructure. Q-SYS can be successfully deployed on isolated or converged Ethernet networked environments, provided the infrastructure meets specific fundamental prerequisites as outlined in the Q-SYS Networking documentation.

Q-SYS is sold and distributed through a network of trained, Q-SYS certified sales representatives, distributors and dealers. Support will be offered to customers who are certified in Q-SYS Level 1 or Q-SYS Level 2 Training. Refer to the Q-SYS Networking topic in the Q-SYS Help for networking requirements and recommendations.

It is essential that the customer consults with on-site IT staff prior to contacting QSC support to rule out non-Q-SYS related network issues.  QSC has prepared a Network Diagnostics checklist to assist you in identifying potential network issues. To better serve you, it is highly recommended that you utilize this checklist to identify and fix these common issues prior to contacting Q-SYS Technical Support.

Q-SYS Support is delivered by phone and email. Q-SYS technical support is available 6am-5pm Pacific Time in the U.S., Monday-Friday (excluding holidays or as otherwise determined by QSC, LLC.). Office hours for Q-SYS technical support and/or Q-SYS Network support may vary in different regions. Contact QSC’s regional office(s) for specific office hours.

QSC Technical Support provides limited troubleshooting and technical support of IT infrastructure and network hardware. While QSC representatives and network specialists can provide configuration guidance, QSC is not responsible for the network itself nor can QSC guarantee the proper operation of Q-SYS on that network. As a general guideline, QSC provides limited support in the areas shown below, although the extent of network support in these areas is not guaranteed:

  • Diagnosis of the reported symptoms
  • Limited examination of the configuration and layout of the IT infrastructure
  • Recommending changes to the configuration of the QSC system
  • Recommending changes to the configuration or layout of the IT infrastructure

Q-SYS Network Support Checklist

Support calls with a QSC Network Specialist are limited to a maximum of 30 minutes. It is recommended that you first perform the recommended steps on the Q-SYS Network Support Checklist to diagnose your network system then schedule a network support session with QSC to ensure that the team can provide you with the support needed.

During the 30-minute session, QSC’s Network Specialist will review the symptoms, analyze pertinent data and make recommendations to help the customer resolve the problem that was reported. In complex network environments, a customer may be asked to follow up with the results of those suggestions and schedule a call-back. 

Please make sure that the appropriate IT resources are available during the appointment, as it is outside the scope of QSC support to configure your network devices.


If the scope of network support exceeds Q-SYS Network Support guidelines, QSC offers professional services whereby a customer may secure advanced network support as a paid service. Contact your Sales Rep or QSC Regional Sales Director to learn more about QSC’s professional services program.

In like manner, complete the required Q-SYS Network Support Checklist before the scheduled support session to maximize productivity.  Please make sure the VoIP system administrator or appropriate IT resources are available during the appointment, as it is outside the scope of QSC support to configure the VoIP system or infrastructure firsthand.

QSC reserves the right to limit support of third party devices. QSC technical support will provide diagnostic guidance to identify potential issues that may be rooted in third-party integration.

QSC is NOT responsible for configuring third party devices. Clients may be referred to the particular device manufacturers for additional support.