Roser Community Church Installs QSC Audio Q-Sys™ Core 500i and TSC Touch Screens

Easy-to-Use Interface Enables Simple Sound System Control at 300-Seat Church

Anna Maria, FL (October 22, 2013) — Located in Anna Maria, a retirement community of just over 1,800 situated on a barrier island at the mouth of Tampa Bay on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Roser Community Church recently upgraded its sound system that incorporates a Q-Sys™ Integrated System Platform featuring a Core 500i. The system, installed by Creative Sound Solutions, LLC of Cape Coral, FL, is optimizing the performance of a single powered loudspeaker and enabling easy operation of the entire audio system via a custom iPad user interface and the TSC-3 and TSC-8 Networked Touch Screen Controllers.

“The church is in a retirement community, so the system is simple enough that anyone can use it,” comments Jacob Broadway, Sarasota Office Manager at Creative Sound Solutions, who added that the church’s new Q-Sys system is programmed for two modes of operation: auto-mix and manual.

Lay members of the church with little or no audio experience can log-in with a password into the Q-Sys system using an iPad or a wall-mounted TSC-8 eight-inch touch screen controller and access a simple auto-mixer. “In auto-mix mode the signal flows from the input through the DSP—gate, compressor, limiter and EQ—and through an auto mixer. They have one fader to control the entire thing: that’s it. It also has a master mute,” explains Tony Flammia, owner of Creative Sound Solutions.

Experienced sound system users can log in using a different password, providing them access to a manual mixer. “The manual mixer has access to gain, phantom power, compressor, gate, limiter, EQ, aux mixes, mute, all that good stuff,” says Flammia. He notes that the manual mixer uses the same DSP as the auto-mixer, to avoid having to double-up on processing resources.

“Included in the manual mixer is an audio player and an eight-channel output mixer. The master fader is located in the center of the display with three monitor master faders. The manual mixer faders only work in manual mode,” adds Flammia.

A QSC TSC-3 three-inch touch screen is positioned at the organ. “When the choir director comes in he doesn’t have to worry about running the system. He can play music through the audio player, control the monitor mix for the choir, and be able to just run through practices off that three-inch screen.”

Flammia, who has been including QSC Audio products in his projects for several years, relates that Creative Sound Services was one of five companies invited to bid on the upgrade at Roser Community Church. “What they really, really liked was that we could use Q-Sys designer to create a custom iPad user-controlled interface for them, which works for either someone who has experience, and also for someone who does not,” he says.

“The new audio set-up at the church could not be simpler,” adds Flammia “There’s the Q-Sys Core, there’s a self-powered speaker for the room, and there’s a battery backup surge protector—and that’s the entire system.” Since the introduction of the Core 500i and 250i DSP units in early 2012, the Q-Sys platform is now accessible to the wider market of smaller venues seeking a cost-effective, easy-to-use and customizable audio management solution.

About Creative Sound Solutions
Creative Sound Solutions began as a sound production company providing cost effective solutions for Churches that could not afford the full cost of quality production. After every show they were asked the same question. “How can I get my Church to sound like that?”

In 2007, Creative Sound Solutions, LLC, was launched, a Christian Audio, Video, Lighting, Acoustics, Design, Install, & Service Company that understands what a budget is and, more importantly, respects where the money comes from. They design systems to match clients’ needs along with their mission, vision, values, and most of all budgets. CSS designs and installs professional production systems that support a great worship experience.