Q-SYS Ecosystem Support Policy

At Q-SYS, we are committed to providing exceptional technical support to our valued Q-SYS Dealers, Distributors, or End-User who have a signed agreement with Q-SYS (each, a “Q-SYS Partner”), access to a range of support options for Q-SYS manufactured products and software, including Q-SYS Designer, Q-SYS UCI Viewer, and Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager (QREM), as well as all other features and services contained within the Q-SYS Platform.

Third-party hardware and software not provided by Certified Q-SYS Ecosystem Partners are supported on a strictly limited basis by Q-SYS, in its sole discretion. If support does not lead to a resolution of the problem, Customer will be referred to the provider of the third-party hardware or software.

Who is eligible for Q-SYS support?

Q-SYS Partners who have completed the Q-SYS Level I certification.

What support options are available?

Our support services are available via phone, online, or email for your convenience. Depending on the situation, eligible partners are encouraged to do the following:

  1. General application and sales questions - Contact Q-SYS regional sales, https://www.qsys.com/contact-us/, or consult the knowledgebase in the Q-SYS self-help portal.
  2. Non-urgent technical support - Create a support case online using the Q-SYS self-help portal, https://qscprod.force.com/selfhelpportal/s/
  3. Urgent technical support – Q-SYS phone support is available for urgent matters where the customer is onsite and actively working with the gear in question. To ensure the best experience, the partner should be ready to provide the following to the Q-SYS support representative:
  1. Q-SYS Design File
  2. Q-SYS Log Archives
  3. A concise, focused explanation of the problem to be solved.
  4. A clear explanation of the gear used in the system and how it’s interconnected

Support Case Escalation

If troubleshooting reveals a systemic issue with hardware or software, the case will be escalated to the appropriate Q-SYS personnel to move forward. Faulty hardware will be replaced or repaired consistent with Q-SYS warranty policy. Software issues will be escalated as necessary, with software patches or upgrades released as needed. Q-SYS will work with each customer to maximize the service level, but Q-SYS reserves the right to determine and assign the priority level in each case.

This policy is subject to change at the sole discretion of Q-SYS and will be posted to the Q-SYS website on or about the time such changes are made effective.