Q-SYS solutions include a fully integrated, software-based audio, video & control platform without the need for analog endpoints. From corporate campuses, to collaboration rooms, hospitality spaces and more, Q-SYS can provide a cost-effective and scalable strategy for setting up and controlling a multitude of room types. Take advantage of an end-to-end audio, video and control environment.

Ease of Installation

Single ethernet cable connectivity (power, audio and control) simplifies set up and configuration.


Q-SYS NL Series network loudspeakers are completely self-contained – no amplifiers needed. Choose from soundbar, pendants or ceiling mounted enclosures.

Robust Monitoring and Management

An all networked solution enables in-depth monitoring, management and helpdesk support down to each individual endpoint with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager.

Scale Without Hassle

Q-SYS is based around a singular software-based foundation that leverages the power of the network to make deploying the same room type across a building or corporate campus simpler and more cost-effective.

Q-SYS NL Series network PoE loudspeakers deliver clear speech and music reproduction while providing true end-to-end network-based audio. NL Series network loudspeakers integrate into your space with a single Ethernet cable to reduce the overall hardware footprint and lower system cost. They are available in three form factors (speakerbar, pendant mount and ceiling mount) to enable a wide range of room types.

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