• Employees in a conference room with illustrations of VisionSuite camera, and microphone functionality

Elevate Your Hybrid Experiences with AI

From intelligent presenter tracking to intelligent audio-based camera switching, Q-SYS VisionSuite uses
multimodal AI to improve the visibility of in-room participants to promote a natural viewing experience for the far-end,
empowering teams to feel united and stay engaged no matter where they are.

Collaborate with Confidence

The Q-SYS Seervision AI Accelerator for presenter tracking is now Certified for Microsoft Teams allowing you to bring advanced features to high-impact spaces with ease.

Gif showcasing cameras and microphones iluminating specific indiciduals to showcase Q-SYS Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR) + Auto Framing

Make the Switch Automatically  

Never lose sight of the action across the entire room. Q-SYS Intelligent Audio features use in-room microphones to inform the system of who is speaking and automatically switches between in-room cameras and recalls the appropriate camera presets, framing up the best suited shot based on the number of participants in that area.

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Gif of a camera highlight a woman and one screen, Then highlight an entire wall the including the woman and two screens

Intelligent Presenter Tracking for Hybrid Spaces 

The Q-SYS Seervision AI Accelerator uses computer vision to deliver best-in-class, adaptive full-body presenter tracking that automatically follows and frames presenters with natural camera direction.

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Q-SYS NC Series network PTZ and ePTZ cameras

Flexible Camera Options

Q-SYS NC Series network PTZ and ePTZ cameras provide simple, scalable camera options for Q-SYS VisionSuite offerings. Deploy as many Q-SYS network cameras as necessary to enable the right experience for your space.

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Gif of a camera highlight a woman and one screen, Then highlight an entire wall the including the woman and two screens

Room Intelligence & Automation

Imagine a presenter triggering light changes, or toggling power on a display simply by walking into a specific area of the room. The possibilities with vision-based control are endless when you pair Q-SYS VisionSuite with the integrated control engine within the Q-SYS Platform.

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Supported Application Spaces

People sitting at a conference table with a Conference all on the display, featuring a variety of Q-SYS peripherals


Woman speaking in the center of a classroom surrounded by students, featuring Q-SYS peripherals


Large lecture hall filled with students, featuring Q-SYS peripherals

Lecture Halls

An all-hands meting with he boss addressing his sitting employees, feature Q-SYS peripherals

All-Hands Spaces

Two rooms divided by a adjustable wall with people inside. Each room has an undemented A/V system featuring Q-SYS peripherals

Divisible Rooms

Icon of two overlapping speech bubbles to indicate chatting

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