Superior audio, video and control essential to any sports experience – whether it’s music to energize the crowd, live announcements to keep fans informed, or video routing and environmental control in the VIP suites. Q-SYS systems deliver end-to-end solutions to heighten any stadium experience. Based on an efficient, IP-based architecture that eliminates redundant wiring and infrastructure, Q-SYS reduces costs while enhancing management and simplifying control.


Q-SYS and its built-in control engine allows end-users to trigger single-button audio/video/environmental presets based on event type, removing the strain from organizers when structuring events. This is all controllable from a Q-SYS touchscreen, or an individual’s own mobile device.

Life Safety

Schedule playback of recorded messages in different zones at different times, set paging priority for live announcements or leverage pre-recorded emergency alerts within any size building or complex of buildings.

Live Event Streaming

If you need to reach a bigger audience, simply connect a PC via USB to Q-SYS and stream video and system audio feeds to any major web broadcasting platform.

Confidence & Predictability

Easily deliver a consistent experience in spaces of all sizes, and automatically return your rooms to a default state with the push of a button, from lighting presets, camera, HVAC settings and audio levels.

Solutions for Every Experience

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Successful Deployments

These are just a few of the sports facilities that have optimized experiences with the Q-SYS Platform.

Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs revitalizes over a million square feet of historic property with Q-SYS.

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Camp Randall

Q-SYS delivers a robust network AV&C solution for University of Wisconsin athletic facilities, including Camp Randall Stadium.

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Falkland Cricket Club

Falkland Cricket Club deploys Q-SYS for a centralised, simplified audio, video and control solution across all areas of their new pavilion.

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SchücoArena leverages Q-SYS to upgrade audio and public address systems, with a focus on flexibility.

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