Virtualized Q-SYS OS functionalities,

ready for your PC or server. 


Q-SYS vCore virtualized processor provides selected, scalable Q-SYS
functionalities in a fully software-based format,
directly from your own PC/server compute device.


Rightsize vCore functionality with
vCore feature licenses

Q-SYS vCore processors need to be paired with vCore compatible feature
licenses to enable a specific subset of the Q-SYS OS.


Q-SYS Control feature license for vCore

Q-SYS TCS Series touch pane on a conference table with employees conducting a conference call in the background

Add Q-SYS Control products to existing systems

Integrate QIO Series control devices, TSC Series touchscreens, and take advantage of virtual control displays via UCI Viewer for PCs and iOS devices.  Perfect for adding/replacing control into systems with legacy DSP.

Three employees conducting a conference call with an touch screen user interface enlarged for illustration

Elevate user experiences in less complicated applications

Add control and automation (video display control, IP occupancy sensors, video source switching, and more) to existing huddle rooms, smaller collaboration spaces and hospitality applications whose audio/UC&C requirements are fulfilled by simple, standalone hardware.

A hepdesk employee remotely assisting a conference call from his desk, while on the phone

Assist users with remote helpdesk and system monitoring & management

Bridge the gap often left by bespoke hardware that do not connect to industry-standard managed service provider tools by allowing you to tie these disparate devices to Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager, a cloud-managed enterprise grade remote monitoring and management solution.

Prepping a vCore System is easy

Icon of an arrow facing down with the number 1

Q-SYS vCore Image

Icon of an arrow pointing into a gear with the number 2

Install Q-SYS vCore
Image on your installed

Icon with a dollar symbol with the number 3

Purchase Q-SYS vCore
Feature License 
through regular sales channels

Icon of a cloud with the number 4

Q-SYS vCore Feature License 
via Core Manager / Enterprise Manager 

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Deploy your Q-SYS design

Image text: Product launch video, watch recording. Logos: Activate Q-SYS, Q-SYS vCore, Q-SYS Core 610

Q-SYS vCore Image v1.0

Released November 16, 2022

Supported Hypervisors: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, Linux KVM

Hardware Requirements

  • Multi-core 64-bit x86 processor
  • CPU support for hardware virtualization
  • Minimum of 8 GB memory with 2 GB assigned to each VM image
  • Minimum of 2 GB of disk space
  • Q-SYS vCore requires a consistent internet connection

The following items will need to be enabled in the system BIOS:

  • Virtualization Technology (may have a different label depending on motherboard manufacturer)

Software Requirements

  • Q-SYS Designer Software v9.6 or higher
  • Q-SYS Control feature license for vCore

(Users must agree to the End User License Agreement on the next page to Download)

If you have additional questions, visit Q-SYS vCore FAQ.