AcousticPerformance Series (High SPL)

Hero group shot of the AcousticPerformance Series family

The AcousticPerformance series enables installations requiring high SPL and full bandwidth performance.  These highly versatile installation loudspeakers maintain their remarkable sonic signature even at high output levels.  AcousticPerformance is perfectly suited for houses of worship, dance clubs, themed entertainment, or other high SPL demanding installations.

AcousticPerformance™ is a line of professional loudspeakers which are ideal for a variety of installed sound reinforcement applications requiring high power in a stylish enclosure. All models feature a 3-inch voice coil compression driver combined with high-output woofers to deliver exceptional full bandwidth reproduction.

The uniform power-response of AcousticPerformance loudspeakers is a result of Directivity Matched Transition (DMT™), a design approach that matches the compression driver to the natural coverage angle of the woofer in the cross-over region. Key to the extraordinary accuracy and flat power response of the AcousticPerformance line are the conical waveguides which help deliver remarkably consistent coverage with smooth and accurate reproduction both on and off-axis.

AcousticPerformance™ models may be used in passive (full-range) mode to minimize amplifier channel count or bi-amp mode for greater control and performance. To further enhance performance, bi-amp and full-range tunings Intrinsic Correction techniques are available via Q-SYS™.

All models feature M10 mounting points for deployment via eye-bolts as well as mount points for an optional yoke bracket.  Multi-purpose (m suffix) models feature wedge angles, making them ideal for floor monitor use and also include pole cups for loudspeaker stand deployment. 

Subwoofer models feature a unique input cup where the two NL4 connectors are arranged in a crossed configuration.  This versatile design allows a single NL4 cable to carry both sub and top box signal without the need of a custom turn cable.

To further present a professional, clean and unobtrusive look, AcousticPerformance grilles are unadorned; eliminating the need to cover-up logo treatments which can be difficult to hide or remove. The grille is also lined with acoustically transparent backing, adding to the enclosure’s professional appearance.

To minimize impact and disposal fees at the job site, all AcousticPerformance loudspeakers are packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable cartons.

Array of new Q-SYS PL Series including Line Arrays, Subs, and Loudspeakers

The products listed on this page have been discontinued. Please check with your Q-SYS regional sales representative for remaining stock availability. 

Consider the PL Series performance loudspeakers as a replacement:

  • The PL Series is a portfolio of performance loudspeakers designed to deliver premium sound for Q-SYS systems in a broader range of applications
  • Available in multiple form factors, enabling design flexibility and optimal audio experiences for every unique space




Frequency Range at (-10 dB)

35 Hz to 250 Hz

Rated Noise Power/Voltage1

600W / 49V


93dB, 1W@1m

Output 1 (Peak SPL @ 1M)

128 dB

Driver Information:





Two 305 mm (12-inch)
weather resistant cone woofers
with 64 mm (2.5 in) voice coil


Rated Impedance

Input Connectors

Two NL4 crossed:
A: Sub 1+/-, Thru 2+/-
B: Thru 1+/-, Sub 2+/-


15 mm Baltic birch plywood

Net Weight

65.4 lb / 30.4 kg

1 Two hour rating using IEC60268 noise based on minimum impedance.
2 Mid-band based on nominal impedance.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.