QSC Offers Complete Control

QSC introduces new software that provides powerful control options for cinema audio systems

Costa Mesa, CA (March 28,2013)—QSC Audio Products, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of DCPNet, a powerful software application which provides comprehensive network-based monitoring and control for multiple QSC digital cinema processors and DCA amplifiers – both individually as well as simultaneously all on one screen.

DCPNet makes it possible to monitor and adjust most DCP processor settings for any theatre or even an entire multiplex from within the theatre itself, an office location, or anywhere else with network access.  Along with volume, mute and audio preset control, DCPNet allows the user to turn QSC DCA Cinema Amplifiers on and off and monitor amplifier operating conditions like temperature and impedance loading.  Control presets allow the use of relays in the DCP Digital Cinema Processor and DXP Digital Expansion Processor to control external devices like masking and curtain motors and dimmers. 

The new DCPNet application, along with DCPConnect, the mobile application that turns an iOS or Android mobile device into a complete cinema sound remote controller, gives theatre operators an unprecedented level of control over their QSC Cinema Sound systems. 

DCPNet will be available in June 2013 for free download from the QSC cinema website (www.qsccinema.com).