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Create custom user control interfaces (UCI) for use within the Q-SYS Ecosystem. Design with absolute simplicity and automation in mind, or create comprehensive tuning and troubleshooting monitoring screens. This tool is for system designers who need to create the ideal user experience, or for IT administrators who need to make small changes or add additional features to existing UCI designs.


  • No programming experience required: Build robust UCI screens by simply dragging any Q-SYS DSP or control element from the Q-SYS design schematic into the UCI Editor.
  • Advanced visual styling: Create buttons with custom graphics for active/inactive/pressed states (QDS v.7 and higher), utilize page transitions and pop-up screens, import custom backgrounds and corporate logos (graphic file formats including .png, .jpg, .svf, and .gif), add UCI PIN protection as an addition layer of protection and much more.
  • Painless deployment: Simple, one-button deployment for UCI’s to native Q-SYS touch screens, from a single UCI, or hundreds of UCI’s across an enterprise installation.

License Overview

License Type Part Number Applicable Hardware Supported
Q-SYS Designer
Software Version
Q-SYS UCI Deployment SLQUD-8N-P Core Nano, 8 Flex, NV-32-H v7.0 or higher Q-SYS UCI Deployment - needed to deploy User Control Intefaces to native Q-SYS touchscreen controllers or other hardware targets
SLQUD-110-P Core 110f
SLQUD-510-P Core 510i
SLQUD-610-P Core 610

Note: All Q-SYS Feature Licenses are Perpetual, Node Locked

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

About Q-SYS Feature Licenses

Rather than requiring costly dedicated hardware and costly integration to achieve your system control needs, Q-SYS is able to provide more robust control capabilities to its existing audio and video capabilities, at the software layer through optional feature licenses, which are routinely updated with new features and capabilities through cryptographically signed firmware updates.

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Q. How do I purchase a Q-SYS feature license?   How much do they cost?
A. Contact your local Q-SYS sales representative.

Q.  How do I install a Q-SYS feature license?
A.  Watch “Activating Software Licenses in Q-SYS”.  You can learn about easy online and offline activation methods.

Q.  Where is the licensed installed?
These control features are perpetual licenses that are node locked to the Q-SYS Core processor itself. 

Q.  When will these feature licenses be available?  Which version of Q-SYS Designer Software will they be applied to?
A.  This will take effect on NEW systems installed with Q-SYS Designer Software v7.0 and higher, released February 26, 2018.

Q.  If I upgrade an existing Core 110f processor or Core 510i processor that was in the field prior to the release of QDS v7.0, will I need to purchase a license for control features?
A.  No, existing Core 110f and Core 510i processors will have the ability to use new control features without feature licenses.  Simply installed Q-SYS Designer Software v7.0 or higher, and you will not be prompted to purchase and install feature licenses.

Q.  As an integrator, do I need a license to work on my designs in emulation mode?
A.  Of course not!  One of the most cherished Q-SYS features for designers is the ability to design and test in emulation mode prior to saving your design to the Core.  You will only need a license when it comes time to save your design to the Core.

Q.  What if I don’t use any of these features?  Do I still need to purchase and activate a license?
A.  No.  If you do not intend on using the new control features, then you will not need a license.

Q.  If I am using redundant Cores that use licensed features, will I need to purchase and install a feature license on each Core?
A.  Yes.

Q.  If I would like to deploy these new control features onto larger Enterprise Cores, do I need these software licenses?
No, the current Enterprise Cores (Core 1100, 3100, 5200) will not need feature licenses to deploy UCIs, custom scripts or plugins. Simply upgrade them to Q-SYS Designer Software v7.0, and you will have access to these features automatically.